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2 <br />In pursuance of foregoing warrant the legal voters of th <br />T own of • t in their respective voting places s <br />Town of Lexington on Monday., March the First in the year of our <br />Lord nineteen hundred and seventy-one at 7:00 in the forenoon, <br />The following places were <br />designated as the voting places for <br />the various precincts: Precinct One, Harrington School; Precinct Two, <br />Adams School; Precinct Three, <br />Gary Memorial Hall; Precinct Four,, High <br />Sch <br />P recinc t <br />havin Hastings School, The following election officers been duly <br />appointed by the Selectmen, and Wardens of the various precincts y <br />assigned for.duty:as�:follows: <br />Thr ee <br />P recinct Y <br />1 <br />Mary E, Clifford <br />Warden Ilda J* Field <br />Marjorie Ea #. ♦ <br />A <br />Virginia N Warn <br />In M arshall <br />Eileen J, Fradette <br />Inspector Henry P, Meade <br />Margaret S Magner <br />Inspector Ida B, Fisk <br />Warden <br />Clerk <br /># � 1 <br />0 <br />k # <br />Michael L <br />Oliv Mary Go Mary Go <br />McC <br />Edna F Marshall <br />R ose J Grant <br />R andall R ichar d s <br />Edna R, A nders o n <br />Marjorie Modoono <br />D <br />Hel en Roo <br />a <br />J oseph Oo Roo <br />Helen Lo P erry <br />�I Margare S o Wils <br />Mary F. Irwin <br />Mary C, Casey <br />Precinct Six <br />Warden Mary J, Ferry <br />Clerk Elizabeth P, Downey <br />In spector waa» <br />In specto r S pen cer <br />Ins p ec tor F lorence Do <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at seven otcloc <br />A, N and r ema i ned op en <br />after due notice, they were closed, <br />Th e elect of were sworn # the f a i th f u l per f o rmance <br />t he i r d uties, <br />Th e total number of :;s♦ voters in each p recinct f <br />P recinct <br />J: <br />•. <br />Precinct <br />Tw♦': <br />Two <br />P recinc t <br />Three <br />' 0 Rr <br />M <br />Thr ee <br />t 9 5 <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />2: 15 <br />Pre cinct <br />♦' <br />Total 16 (Sixteen thousand, ei <br />Reconciliation sheets were delivered to the Town Clerk at her <br />The Registrars of Voters and the Town Clerk canvassed the result <br />as follows: <br />Precinct <br />One <br />l <br />(Thirteen hundred, forty) <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />1.,277 <br />(Twel hun <br />Pr <br />Thr ee <br />** <br />(Twelv hun dre d s, <br />e i g hty - s ix) <br />I <br />P recinct <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />1.,4,51 <br />(Fourteen hundred fifty-one) <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />_!AP� <br />(Eleven hundred, <br />two) <br />Total 7 (Seven thousand, - six hundred sixty-two.' <br />