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The total number of registered voters in <br />each precinct <br />eligible <br />to vote <br />as of November 13, <br />1973 as follows: <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />Precinct <br />Independents <br />Republicans Democrats <br />their <br />Totals <br />One <br />703 <br />Three <br />384 <br />897 <br />cast <br />their <br />1,984 <br />Two <br />699 <br />Four <br />441 <br />966 <br />cast <br />their <br />2,106 <br />Three <br />705 <br />Five <br />315 <br />717 <br />:cast <br />their <br />1,737 <br />Four <br />774 <br />Six <br />639 <br />890 <br />cast <br />:their <br />2,303 <br />Five <br />830 <br />Seven <br />398 <br />816 <br />cast <br />their <br />2,044 <br />six <br />661 <br />Eight <br />653 <br />791 <br />their <br />2,105 <br />Seven <br />651 <br />Nine <br />534 <br />847 <br />cast <br />their <br />2,032 <br />Eight <br />710 <br />499 <br />678 <br />their <br />1,887 <br />Nine <br />857 <br />registered voters <br />478 <br />800 <br />Pr.l <br />2,135 <br />Totals <br />6,590 <br />4,341 <br />7,402 <br />Pr.9 Totals <br />18,333 <br />Recap <br />sheets were delivered, <br />to the Town Clerk at <br />her office as <br />follows: <br />Herbert R. Adams <br />62 <br />Precinct <br />One <br />80 <br />8:20 <br />P. <br />M. <br />80 915 <br />Paul F. Masoner <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />8:25 <br />P. <br />M. <br />19 <br />33 <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />63 <br />8:27 <br />P. <br />M. <br />George P. <br />Wadsworth <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />8:25 <br />P. <br />M. <br />141 <br />179`' <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />255 <br />8 :06 <br />P. <br />M. <br />Blanks 1 <br />0 <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />0 <br />8 :40 <br />P. <br />M. <br />Totals <br />Precinct <br />Seven <br />8:35 <br />P. <br />M. <br />223 <br />368 <br />Precinct <br />Eight. <br />445 <br />8:45 <br />P. <br />M. <br />George P. <br />Wadsworth <br />Precinct <br />Nine <br />8:29 <br />P. <br />M. <br />1974. <br />The Town Clerk and the members of the Board of Registrars <br />canvassed the results; as follows: <br />Precinct <br />One <br />223 <br />voters <br />cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Two <br />368 <br />voters <br />cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Three <br />202 <br />voters <br />cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Four <br />409 <br />voters <br />cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Five <br />233 <br />voters <br />:cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Six <br />445 <br />voters <br />cast <br />:their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Seven <br />323 <br />voters <br />cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Eight <br />302 <br />voters,cast. <br />their <br />vote <br />Precinct <br />Nine <br />307 <br />voters <br />cast <br />their <br />vote <br />Total <br />2,812 <br />voters. >cast: <br />their <br />vote <br />15% of the 18,333 <br />registered voters <br />- cast <br />>_ their vote. <br />Pr.l <br />Pr.2: <br />Pr'.3 Pr.4 <br />Pr.5 , Pr.6 <br />Pr.7 <br />Pr.8 <br />Pr.9 Totals <br />SCHOOL <br />COMMITTEE <br />Herbert R. Adams <br />62 <br />156 <br />85 132 <br />80 <br />127 <br />132 <br />61 <br />80 915 <br />Paul F. Masoner <br />19 <br />33 <br />12 41 <br />18 <br />63 <br />45 <br />33 <br />35 299 <br />George P. <br />Wadsworth <br />141 <br />179`' <br />105" 230 <br />135 <br />255 <br />146 <br />204 <br />190 1,585 <br />Blanks 1 <br />0 <br />0 6 <br />0 <br />0 <br />0 <br />4 <br />2 13 <br />Totals <br />223 <br />368 <br />202 409 <br />233 <br />445 <br />323 <br />302 <br />307 2,812 <br />George P. <br />Wadsworth <br />was elected to <br />the School <br />Committee to fill an <br />unexpired <br />term ending March <br />1974. <br />A true copy. <br />Attest: <br />Mary <br />R. <br />McDonough, <br />Town Clerk <br />