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(Warrant for State Election — See WARRANT FILE) <br />STATE ELECTION <br />TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2000 <br />In pursuance of the foregoing warrant the legal voters of the Town of Lexington met in their <br />respective voting places in said Town of Lexington on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 7:00 <br />a.m. <br />The following places were designated as the voting places for the various precincts: Precinct <br />One, Harrington School; Precinct Two, Bowman School; Precinct Three, Clarke Middle <br />School; Precinct Four, Bridge School; Precinct Five, Fiske School; Precinct Six, Diamond <br />Middle School; Precinct Seven, Estabrook School, Precinct Eight, Fire Headquarters <br />Building; Precinct Nine, Hastings School. <br />The election officers and Wardens of the various precincts were assigned for duty as follows: <br />Precinct One <br />Precinct Two <br />U <br />Judith Marcus <br />Warden <br />U <br />Duncan MacQueen <br />D <br />Margaret Blouin <br />Clerk <br />U <br />Dorothy Bond <br />R <br />Hazel Allison - am <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Jeannette Cerulli -pm <br />D <br />Robert Blouin <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Robert Edwards <br />D <br />Arline Burns - am <br />Inspector <br />U <br />JoAnn Eurich <br />U <br />Bessie Ezekiel <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Rebecca Fagan <br />D <br />Mary Haskell - pm <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Catherine Hooper - am <br />U <br />Margaret Kelly <br />Inspector <br />D <br />George McCormack <br />U <br />Lillian MacArthur - am <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Mary Ann McKenna <br />D <br />Eileen McAlduff - pm <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Marjorie McNicholas <br />U <br />Doris Pemberton <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Thomas Montanari - pm <br />U <br />Richard Pemberton <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Clifford Pehrson <br />U <br />Martha Shurtleff <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Marian Powell <br />D <br />Bernice Weiss <br />Inspector <br />Precinct Three <br />Precinct Four <br />U <br />Marjorie Modoono <br />Warden <br />D <br />Gulli Kula <br />U/U <br />Alice Hopkins /David Kanter <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Richard Crawford <br />R <br />Doris Berkstresser <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Beverly Aker <br />D <br />Rita Casey <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Doris Barclay <br />U <br />Lillian Drury <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Mary Devoe <br />U <br />Marcia Flint <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Faith Fenske <br />D <br />M.Elinor Greenway <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Elizabeth Fleming - am <br />D <br />Katherine Marotto - am <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Raymond Flynn - pm <br />D <br />Elizabeth McLaughlin <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Marilyn Ford - pm <br />D <br />Robert Tracey <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Ralph McDewell - pm <br />U <br />Laura Welby - pm <br />Inspector <br />U <br />James Nicoloro - am <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Judith O'Leary - am <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Dana Regillo <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Eleanor Smith <br />Precinct Five <br />Precinct Six <br />D <br />Eric Kula <br />Warden <br />R <br />Dorothy Boggia <br />U <br />Grace Ayers <br />Clerk <br />D <br />Mary Casey <br />D <br />Henry Beerman <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Francine Edwards - am <br />U <br />Francis Coscia -pm <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Alla Fedus <br />R <br />Dorothy Gauthier - am <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Hilda Charlotte Ford - am <br />D <br />Hazel Graham - pm <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Katherine Geanacopulos <br />D <br />William Hooper - pm <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Donald Lund - am <br />R <br />Alice Jones <br />Inspector <br />U <br />Harriet Morrison <br />D <br />Cecil Jones <br />Inspector <br />R <br />E. Ashley Rooney - am <br />D <br />Elizabeth Patrician - am <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Mae Sandler -pm <br />D <br />Lucy Simeone <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Barbara Simmons <br />U <br />Alice Stringos <br />Inspector <br />R <br />William Simmons <br />D <br />Priscilla Winter <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Burton Smith <br />D <br />Martha Zani <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Muriel Taylor -pm <br />