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<br />STATE ELECTION <br />TOWN OF LEXINGTON <br />NOVEMBER 7, 2006 <br />Final Results w/writeins <br />Pct 1Pct 2Pct 3Pct 4Pct 5Pct 6Pct 7Pct 8Pct 9TOTAL <br />Total Reg Voters20522368210023392258231823422161217720115 <br />Total Votes13481723145916781508168516721544152914146 <br />Percent (Total Votes/Total Voters)66%73%69%72%67%73%71%71%70%70% <br />Pct 1Pct 2Pct 3Pct 4Pct 5Pct 6Pct 7Pct 8Pct 9TOTAL <br />SENATOR IN CONGRESS <br />EDWARD M. KENNEDY (D)9571318108212661079117912391132107410326 <br />KENNETH G. CHASE ( R )3443483303603834463863614043362 <br />Jill Stein0200000002 <br />Grace Ross0000000101 <br />ALL OTHERS35120004318 <br /> BLANKS445046504660474648437 <br />GOVERNOR <br />HEALY and HILLMAN ( R )4234033934204835414554604854063 <br />PATRICK and MURRAY (D)80511869621162931105111209609209097 <br />MIHOS and SULLIVAN ( I )856563546357497477587 <br />ROSS and ROBINSON (G-R)245533322524343938304 <br />Christopher Gabrielli0000011002 <br />Thomas Reilly0000000011 <br />ALL OTHERS0311000128 <br /> BLANKS1111796111310684 <br />ATTORNEY GENERAL <br />MARTHA COAKLEY (D)9411326104912781069117812461141106410292 <br />LARRY FRISOLI ( R )3373033403213754253553234063185 <br />ALL OTHERS0110210027 <br /> BLANKS709369796281718057662 <br />SECRETARY OF STATE <br />WILLIAM FRANCIS GALVIN (D)78286380889887798010018548757938 <br />JILL E. STEIN (G-R)4227105106314505135095164874748 <br />Christy Mihos0000010001 <br />Kerry Healy0000000101 <br />ALL OTHERS22223314625 <br /> BLANKS1421481391471781881611691611433 <br />TREASURE <br />R <br />TIMOTHY P. CAHILL (D)908117410011130103411231156103710339596 <br />JAMES O'KEEFE (G-R)2232802313022292622782522582315 <br />Christy Mihos1200000003 <br />ALL OTHERS03124415525 <br /> BLANKS2162642262442412962372502332207 <br />AUDITO <br />R <br />A. JOSEPH DENUCCI (D)89411789831164101411331180103510229603 <br />RAND WILSON ( W )2042092052022042111971992251856 <br />Christy Mihos1000000001 <br />ALL OTHERS01203012413 <br /> BLANKS2493352693122873412943082782673 <br />REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS <br />SEVENTH DISTRICT <br />EDWARD J. MARKEY (D)10221346112712981129124113101141115810772 <br />Kenneth Chase0000000011 <br />Sandra Martinez2000000002 <br />Chris Gabrielli0100000001 <br />Jill Stein0100100002 <br />Jay Kaufman0100000102 <br />Felix Arroyo0010000001 <br />Mitt Romney0010201004 <br />Christy Mihos0000100001 <br />Deval Patrick0000000101 <br />ALL OTHERS111610121510171217120 <br /> BLANKS3133583203683604343443893533239 <br />COUNCILLOR - SIXTH DISTRICT - Pcts 1,2,4,5-7 <br />MICHAEL J. CALLAHAN (D)7149239187858218765037 <br />WILLIAM JOHN BARABINO ( R )2612422712983663111749 <br />ROSEMARY A. MACERO ( I )769289638091491 <br />TED SARANDIS ( I )67999386100102547 <br />ALL OTHERS0120003 <br /> BLANKS2303663052763182921787 <br />3:29 PM <br /> <br />