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<br />OFFICIAL RESULTSTOWN OF LEXINGTON <br />DEMOCRATIC <br /> STATE PRIMARY <br />SEPTEMBER 16, 2008 <br />Pct 1Pct 2Pct 3Pct 4Pct 5Pct 6Pct 7Pct 8Pct 9TOTAL <br />Total Reg Voters20742413230123622302238523902272222920728 <br />Total Votes4055503784864394824963843053925 <br />Percent (Total Votes/Total Voters)20%23%16%21%19%20%21%17%14%19% <br />Total Registered Democrats792103990510329039919638837848292 <br />Percent (Total Votes/Total Party)51%53%42%47%49%49%52%43%39%47% <br />Pct 1Pct 2Pct 3Pct 4Pct 5Pct 6Pct 7Pct 8Pct 9TOTAL <br />SENATOR IN CONGRESS <br />JOHN F. KERRY3054373344023553794153132413181 <br />EDWARD J. O'REILLY9210344828297796764710 <br /> ALL OTHERS2000000103 <br /> BLANKS610022623031 <br />REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS <br />Seventh District <br />EDWARD J. MARKEY3334563274093723914233192643294 <br /> ALL OTHERS3201000118 <br /> BLANKS699251766791736440623 <br />COUNCILLOR <br />Sixth District (1,2,4-7) <br />MICHAEL J. CALLAHAN1862352082062042231262 <br />ROSEANN TRIONFI-MAZZUCHELL738979716682460 <br /> ALL OTHERS1101137 <br /> BLANKS1452251991612111881129 <br />COUNCILLOR <br />Third District (3,8,9) <br />MARILYN M. PETITTO DEVANEY123143116382 <br />JOHN J. DOYLE1037373249 <br />THOMAS L. WALSH14121844 <br /> ALL OTHERS1012 <br /> BLANKS13715697390 <br />SENATOR IN GENERAL COURT <br />Fourth District (1,2,4-7) <br />JIM MARZILLI192930282628160 <br />KENNETH J. DONNELLY2443393022762813111753 <br />JOHN W. HURD113143127108137122750 <br /> ALL OTHERS1001002 <br /> BLANKS283927263835193 <br />SENATOR IN GENERAL COURT <br />Third District (3,8,9) <br />SUSAN C. FARGO298290245833 <br /> ALL OTHERS2114 <br /> BLANKS789359230 <br />REPRESENTATIVE IN GENERAL COURT <br />Fifteenth District (1,5-9) <br />JAY R. KAUFMAN3233823924433302582128 <br /> ALL OTHERS2113108 <br /> BLANKS805689505347375 <br />REPRESENTATIVE IN GENERAL COURT <br />Ninth District (2,3,4) <br />THOMAS M. STANLEY3712803531004 <br /> ALL OTHERS4026 <br /> BLANKS17598131404 <br />REGISTER OF PROBATE0 <br />JOHN R. BUONOMO2152451772542362172411741701929 <br />Thomas Concannon3922262430 <br />John Lambert0000000011 <br />Sean O'Donovan0100100013 <br /> ALL OTHERS108487477560 <br /> BLANKS1772871952221952592422011241902 <br />1/5/2010TOWN OF LEXINGTON9:08 AM <br />