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(WARRANT FOR STATE ELECTION - SEE WARRANT BOOK) <br />STATE ELECTION <br />NOVEMBER 5, 1974 <br />In pursuance of the foregoing warrant the <br />legal voters of the Town of Lexington <br />met <br />in their respective voting places in said <br />Town of <br />Lexington on Tuesday, <br />November 5, 1974 at 7:00 <br />in the forenoon. <br />The following places were designated as the voting <br />places for the various <br />precincts: Precinct One, <br />Harrington School; <br />Precinct <br />Two, Bowman School; <br />Precinct Three, Bridge School; Precinct Four, <br />Senior <br />High School; Precinct Five, <br />Cary Memorial Hall; Precinct <br />Six, Diamond Junior High <br />School; Precinct Seven, <br />Estabrook <br />School; Precinct Eight, Central Fire <br />Station; Precinct Nine, Maria <br />Hastings School. <br />The election officers <br />and Wardens of the <br />various <br />precincts were assigned for <br />duty <br />as follows: <br />Precinct One <br />Precinct Two <br />D <br />Eileen J. Fradette <br />Warden <br />R <br />Ilda J. Field <br />R <br />Marjorie E. Wirpio <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Agnes Heimlich <br />R <br />Virginia D. Tobler <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Alice G. Marshall <br />D <br />Anna M. Bushard <br />Inspector <br />D <br />L. Francis Murphy <br />D <br />Margaret K. Nelson <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Lorraine C. Baron <br />R <br />Barbara M. Collins <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Margaret M. Potter <br />Precinct Three <br />Precinct Four <br />D <br />Marjorie Modoono <br />Warden <br />D <br />Edna F. Marshall <br />R <br />Mildred M. Cronin <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Rose J. Grant <br />D <br />Mary H. Coyle <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Helen C. Rooney <br />R <br />Carol A. Goldthwait <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Mary G. McCauley <br />D <br />Marie T. Walton <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Mary G. Oliver <br />R <br />Dorothea J. Russo <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Dorothy F. LeBert <br />Precinct Five <br />Precinct Six <br />R <br />Dolores M. Swan <br />Warden <br />D <br />Mary C. Casey <br />D <br />Joan H. McDonough <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Caroline P. Johnston <br />R <br />Elinor M. Vassallo <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Helen G. Garten <br />D <br />Anne C. Williamson <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Ruth M. Mitchell <br />R <br />Winifred E. Ivester <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Evelyn T. Lawson <br />D <br />Gloria J. Bresnihan <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Gloria D. Colbert <br />Precinct Seven <br />Precinct Eight <br />R <br />Mary F. Irwin <br />Warden <br />D <br />Joseph O. Rooney <br />D <br />Ann M. Baum <br />Clerk <br />R <br />Helen L. Perry <br />R <br />Irene Norcross <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Henry P. Meade <br />D <br />Dorothy A. Shine <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Margaret S. Wilson <br />R <br />Norma E. Ebbs <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Ida M. Fisk <br />D <br />Marguerite A. Cronin <br />Inspector <br />D <br />Helen M. Hoyle <br />Precinct Nine <br />D <br />Mary J. Ferry <br />Warden <br />D <br />Elizabeth F. Downey <br />Clerk <br />D <br />Mary C. Joseph <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Sally S. Hooper <br />Inspector <br />__.. R <br />Florence M. Downe <br />Inspector <br />R <br />Harold W. Josephson <br />Inspector <br />The election officers <br />were sworn to the faithful <br />performance of their duties. <br />The polls were declared open in each precinct at <br />seven o'clock A. M. and <br />remained open until eight <br />o'clock P. M., at <br />which time, after due notice, they <br />were declared closed. <br />