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29 <br />(WARRANT ,FOR TOWN . ELECT IPN.2.IKE WARRANT FILE) <br />&A ANNA MONDAY, JUNE 15, 1992 <br />SPECIAL ELECTION, OVERRIDE OF PROPOSITION 2 1/2 <br />Shall the town of Lexington be allov-d to assess an additional <br />$2,718,092 in real estate and personal property taxes for funding <br />residential trash collection and disposal in lica of a fee, and for <br />schools and libraries for Me fiscal year beginning July first, <br />nineteen hundred and ninety-two' <br />Y e g_ --- No <br />in pursuance of the foregoing warrant the legal voters of the <br />Town of Lexington met in their respective voting places in said <br />Town of Lexington on Monday, June 15, 1992, at 7 a.m. <br />The following places were designAled as the voting places for <br />the various precincts; Precinct One, Harrington School; Precinct <br />Two, Bowman School; Precinct Three, Jonas Clarke Middle School; <br />Precinct Four, Lexington Senior High School; Precinct Five, Cary <br />Memorial Building; Precinct Six, William Diamond Middle School; <br />Precinct Seven, Joseph Estabrook School; Precinct Eight, Central. <br />Fire Station; Precinct Nine, Maria Hastings,Schook, <br />The Election Officers of the various precincts were assigned <br />for duty as follows; <br />Prtcinc _Pne -Harrington <br />Warden Eileen Fradette <br />Clerk Grace Campbell <br />Inspector Audrey Frazer <br />Inspector George Kalafatis <br />Inspector Ruth McLatchy <br />Precinct Two - Bowman <br />Warden Elizaheth Clarkq <br />Clerk Donna Alexsun <br />Inspector Anna Alexson <br />Inspector Lois Smith <br />Inspector Kenneth Smith <br />Inspector Margaret Blouin <br />Inspector Robert Blouin <br />ELtsiagi - Clarke <br />Warden Marjorie Modo,no <br />Clerk Mildred Cronin <br />Inspector Alice Hophins <br />Inspector Lillian Drury <br />Inspector Gwendolyn Cram <br />Inspector Philip Pullen <br />Inspector Helen Euart <br />High School <br />Warden Raymond Flynn <br />Clerk Richard Crawford <br />Inspector Ruth Hamlin <br />Inspector Alfred Mattes <br />Inspector Eleanor Mattes <br />Inspector Robert Greenway <br />