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137 <br />tKORANT FOR STATE PRIMARIES ELECTION SEE WARRANT FILE) <br />STATE PRIMARIES ELECTION - TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1994 <br />In pursuance of the fore warrant the le voters of the <br />Town of Lexin met in their respective votin places in said <br />Town of Lexin on Tuesday, September 20, 1994, at 7 a.m. <br />The followin places were desi as the votin places for <br />the various precincts: Precinct One, Harrin School Precinct <br />Two, Bowman School Precinct Three, Jonas Clarke Middle School <br />Precinct Four, Lexin Senior Hi School Precinct Five, .-tr <br />Memorial Buildin Precinct S]-x, William Diamond Middle School <br />Precinct-. Seven, Joseph Estabrook School.; Precinct Ei Central <br />Fire Station Precinct Nine, Maria Hastin School. <br />The Election Officers of the various precincts were assi <br />for di-it as fo,"llows: <br />Precinct One <br />Warden Eileen Fradette <br />Clerk Grace Campbell <br />Inspector Audre Frazer <br />Inspector Mar Blouin <br />Inspector Robert Blouin <br />Inspector Martha Shurtleff <br />Inspector, Viola Pike <br />Precinct Two <br />Warden Owen Lafley <br />Clerk Donna Alexson <br />Inspector Lois Smith <br />Inspector Kenneth Smith <br />Inspector Mar Cushman <br />Inspector Frances Daveta <br />Inspector Robert Edwards <br />Precinct Three <br />Warden Marjorie Modoono <br />Clerk Mildred Cronin <br />Inspector Alice Hopkins <br />Inspector Lillian Drur <br />Inspector Seymour Mandel <br />Inspector Helen Euart <br />Inspector Philip Pullen <br />Inspector Gwendol Cram <br />Pre <br />Warden <br />Clerk <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />Inspector <br />cinct Four <br />Gulli Kula <br />Richard Crawford <br />Raymond Fl <br />Ruth Hamlin <br />Glad Sn <br />Dana Regillo <br />