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sa <br />(WARRANT FOR SPECIAL TOWN ELECTION - SEE WARRANT FILE) <br />To fill an unexpired term for Selectman endin March 6, 1995 <br />SPECIAL TOWN KECTION - MONDAY, SEPTEMBER t3, 1993 <br />In pursuance of the fore warrant the legal voters of the <br />Town of Lexin met in their respective votin places in said <br />Town of Lexin on Monda September 13, 1993, at 7 a.m. <br />The followin places were designated as the votin places for <br />the various precincts: Precinct One, Harrin School Precinct <br />Two, Bowman. School Precinct Three, Jonas Clarke Middle School <br />Precinct Four, Lexin Senior High School Precinct Five, Car <br />Memorial Buildin Precinct Six, William Diamond Middle School <br />Precinct Seven, Joseph Estabrook School- Precinct Ei Central <br />Fire Station Precinct Nine, Maria Hastin School., <br />The Election Officers of the various precincts, were assigned <br />for cluty as follows.- <br />Precinct One <br />Warden Eileen Fradette <br />Clerk Suzanne Barr <br />Inspector Margaret Blouin <br />Inspector Robert 131ouin <br />Inspector Audrey Frazer <br />Inspector Geor Kalafatis <br />Inspector Martha Shurtleff <br />Precinct Two <br />Warden Kenneth Smitlj <br />Clerk Donna Alexson <br />Inspector Rita Case 1:30 p.m. to closin <br />Inspector Mar Cushman <br />Inspector Robert Greenwa <br />Inspector Owen Lafle <br />Inspector Lois Smith <br />Precinct Three <br />Warden Marjorie Modoono <br />Clerk Mildred Cronin <br />Inspector Gwendol Cram <br />Inspector Helen Euart <br />Inspector Alice Hopkins <br />lnspe´┐Żctor Janet Lowther <br />I nspector Se Mandel <br />Precinct Four <br />Warden Gulll'Kula <br />Clerk Richard Crawford <br />Inspector. Ra Flynn <br />Inspector Ruth Hz -imlin <br />Inspector Eric Kula <br />Inspector Dana, Regillo <br />Inspector Glad Snyder <br />Precinct Five <br />Warden Jacquel ine Michelove <br />Clerk Winifred Ivester <br />I nsj)ector Marc) ia Cormier <br />I ris, p e c, t, or Dorotliy Gautliier <br />Inspector Erma Jordan <br />Inspector, Josephine Luther <br />Inspector Martha Zani <br />