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A <br />( • FOR TOWN ELECTION SEE WARRANT FILE.) <br />TOWN ELECTION MONDAY, JUNE 11, 1990 <br />SPECIAL ELECTION, OVERRIDE OF PROPOSITION 2 1/2 <br />Shall 1. <br />-lie town of Lexington be allowed to assess an additional <br />$1,097,829 in real. estate and per.sonal propert taxes for the <br />purposes of meetin the educational. expenses of the Lexington <br />Public Schools, the operatin expenses of the Fire Department <br />relatin to the East Lexin Fire Station, the operatin expenses <br />of the Police Department relatin to Lexin Center coverage and <br />other police personnel.. issues, the operatin expenses of the <br />Library relating to maintaining hours of operation, the operating <br />expenses of the Recreation Department to maintain existing services <br />and provide, weed control at the Old Res, the town's share of the <br />operatin expenses of Lexpress, and the provision of services to <br />youth including Replace for the fiscal. year beginnin Jul first, <br />nineteen hundred and ninet <br />No <br />-------------------------------------------- <br />In pursuance of the foregoin warrant the le voters of the <br />Town of Lexington met in their respective votin places in said <br />Town of Lexin on Monday, June 8, at 7 a.m. <br />The foil-owing places were designated as the votin places for <br />the varioiis precincts: Precinct One, Harrin School; Precinct <br />Two, Bowman School-, Precinct Three, Jonas ('/Iarke Middle School- <br />1 7 <br />Precinct Four, Lexington Senior High School; Precinct Five, Car <br />.Memorial Building; Precinct Six, William Diamond Middle School; <br />Precinct Seven, Joseph Estabrook School; Precinct Ei Central <br />Fire Station, Precinct Nine, Maria Hastin School,. <br />The Election Officers of the various precincts were assi <br />for dut as follows; <br />Precinc-t--On.e. - H a r r i n g t o n <br />Warden Eileen Fradette <br />Clerk Grace Campbell <br />Inspeotor Audrey Frazer <br />Inspector Vir Warner. <br />Inspector Geor KaAafatis <br />Inspector Robert Blouin <br />Inspector Mar Blouii) <br />P " r ' e ' q i t_, - pq -' T - Bowm <br />Warden Elizabeth Clarke <br />Clerk Donna Alexson <br />I nspector Anna Al.exSOTI <br />Inspector Robert Trask, Jr. <br />Inspector Lois Smith <br />Inspector Kenneth Smith <br />Precinct Three - Clarke <br />Warden Gerald Abe <br />Clerk Mildred Cronin <br />Inspector Alice Hopkins <br />Inspector 1-jilliaq Drury <br />Inspector Gwendol Cram <br />Inspector <br />Seymour Mandel <br />Inspector Marie Roberts <br />Inspector Marguerite Cronin <br />Inspector Philip Pullen <br />Pr_e,cJ-pq-.t.­F-o.u..r7 - Hi gh School. <br />Warden Gulli Kula <br />Clerk Richard Crawford <br />Inspector Ruth Hamlin <br />Inspector Raymond Flynn <br />Inspector M. Loretto Tucker <br />Inspector Alfred Mattes <br />. <br />Aispector Eleanor Mattes <br />Inspector Evelyn Youngren <br />