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VISION FOR LEXINGTON COMMITTEE <br /> (formerly known as 20/20 Vision Committee) <br /> Members: 15 <br /> Appointed By: Select Board <br /> Term Length: 3-years, staggered, September 30 <br /> Staff: Town Manager's Office <br /> Quorum: Quorum shall be a majority of members serving <br /> Description: The Vision for Lexington Committee's role is to identify a shared vision for Lexington's <br /> future and communicate that vision to municipal decision-makers. To pursue this role the Committee will: <br /> • Engage the Lexington community to think about Lexington's long-term future. <br /> • Identify and assess opportunities and challenges that may shape Lexington's future. <br /> • Make recommendations to the Select Board and, as appropriate,the School Committee and Planning <br /> Board. <br /> • Measure,track, and report progress on topics studied. <br /> Method: The Vision for Lexington Committee draws on its own members' skills and experiences, <br /> recruits volunteers with special expertise, and specifically it: <br /> • Conducts surveys of Lexington's residents on issues broadly affecting the community. <br /> • Sponsors studies on issues of importance to Lexington's future via scope groups and task forces. <br /> • Communicates results and recommendations to the elected boards and the community.Any and all <br /> recommendations of the Committee,including funding recommendations for facility upgrades or in <br /> support of the Committee's work, shall be made only to the Select Board unless the Select Board direct <br /> otherwise. The Select Board may choose whether to further these recommendations,including <br /> presenting the request to Town Meeting,based on the Board's determination of what is in the best <br /> interests of the community. <br /> Membership: The Vision for Lexington Committee seeks members who have an interest in and a <br /> commitment to the future of Lexington and a background in one or more of the following areas: <br /> • Familiarity with the community(e.g. experience as an elected member of Town government or <br /> committee member;participation in a community group or organization; work in a Lexington business <br /> or profession.) <br /> • Skills beneficial to performing the work of the Committee (e.g. demographics,finance, law,project <br /> management, social sciences, survey design, and analysis.) <br /> • Fresh perspectives and a passion for the positive future of Lexington( Lexington residents who <br /> are familiar with ideas or solutions that could potentially be applied for the benefit of Lexington.) <br /> One representative from each of Lexington's three elected boards (Select Board, School Committee, <br /> Planning Board) shall be a member of the Committee. <br /> Prior to serving as a member of the Committee, appointees are required to: <br /> 1. Acknowledge receipt of the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Statute. Further, to continue to serve <br /> on the Committee the member must acknowledge annually receipt of the summary of the Conflict of <br /> Interest Statute provided by and acknowledged by the Town Clerk. <br /> 2. Provide evidence to the Town Clerk that the appointee has completed the on-line training requirement <br /> required by the Conflict of Interest Statute. Further,to continue to serve on the Committee, every two <br /> years the member must acknowledge completion of the on-line training requirement. <br /> Ref.: Charge adopted by the Board of Selectmen on April 4,2001. <br /> Name change adopted by Board of Selectmen October 20, 2003. <br /> Board of Selectmen voted to designate as Special Municipal Employees on January 18, 2006. <br /> Board of Selectmen approved revised charge to streamline the language and specify membership <br /> of 13 on July 28, 2014. <br />