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Monuments and Memorials Committee <br />Membership: Nine <br />Appointed by: Select Board <br />Length of Term: 3 years, September 30 appointments, staggered <br />Meeting Times: As needed <br />Quorum: Quorum shall be a majority of members serving <br />Description: The Committee will develop and publish an inventory of existing public and <br />private memorials within Lexington, assess the condition of these public memorials, and <br />recommend to the Select Board an annual maintenance and restoration plan. <br />The Committee will be charged with identifying the need as well as reviewing requests for new <br />public memorials for veterans and/or other persons or events and recommend possible design and <br />locations for such memorials. All records pertaining to actions of the Monuments and Memorials <br />Committee shall be filed with the Town Clerk for archiving purposes. <br />Criteria for Membership: The Committee seeks members with one or more of the following <br />backgrounds: <br />1. Is a military veteran or represents a veterans' organization; <br />2. Is knowledgeable about Lexington's history; <br />3. Has knowledge and expertise in design, construction and preservation of statuary and <br />monuments. <br />While not part of the Committee, the following committees are invited to recommend a non- <br />voting liaison: Select Board, Town Celebrations Committee, Veterans' Services Office, <br />Department of Public Facilities, Department of Public Works, Lexington Historical Society and <br />Tourism Committee. <br />Prior to serving as a member of this Committee, appointees are required to: <br />1. Acknowledge receipt of the Summary of the Conflict of Interest statute. Further, to <br />continue to serve on the Committee the member must acknowledge annually receipt of <br />the Summary of the Conflict of Interest statute. Said summary will be provided by and <br />acknowledged to the Town Clerk. <br />2. Provide evidence to the Town Clerk that the appointee has completed the on-line training <br />requirement required by the Conflict of Interest statute. Further, to continue to serve on <br />the Committee, the member must acknowledge every two years completion of the on-line <br />training requirement. <br />Ref: Charge adopted by the Board of Selectmen on March 26, 2014. <br />The Selectmen voted on April 7, 2014 to designate members of this committee as Special <br />Municipal Employees. <br />Selectmen approved a revised charge to add a Selectmen Liaison on August 25, 2014. <br />Select Board approved a revised charge on April 14, 2021 -to change the Veterans' <br />Services Office to be a liaison; add Tourism Committee as liaison; add that committee is <br />to also review requests for monuments; add quorum definition and remove Board of <br />Selectman appointment of committee chair <br />