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November 12,2019 Special Town Meeting#1(2019-1),cont... <br /> 7:36 p.m. Sandhya Beebee,Pct. 1,introduced attorney Kristine Hung,from Reimer and <br /> Braunstein.Ms.Hung explained the rezoning on behalf of 7 Hartwell LLC. She showed plans of the <br /> site and explained the current limits to development under the CD-1 Zoning. She explained that the <br /> Russian School of Math,currently housed at 24 Hartwell Avenue,would like to relocate to 7 <br /> Hartwell Avenue,if rezoning enabled expanded uses. <br /> 7:42 p.m. Robert Creech,Chair,Planning Board,moved that the Report of the Planning Board <br /> on Article 5 be received and placed on file.Motion Adopted.He reported the support of the Planning <br /> Board(5-0). <br /> 7:42 p.m. Charles Hornig,member,Planning Board,presented the Report of the Planning Board, <br /> summarizing the Board's position.He reported on the general zoning in the Hartwell Avenue area. <br /> 7:43 p.m. Suzanne Barry,member,Board of Selectmen,reported the support of the Board. <br /> 7:44 p.m. James Shaw,Chair,Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce,expressed <br /> enthusiastic support for Article 5. <br /> 7:45 p.m. Ms.Hung made summary comments. <br /> 7:46 p.m. The Deputy Town Moderator called the question.Motion Adopted. <br /> 7:46 p.m. Following electronic vote tallying,the Deputy Town Moderator declared Article 5 <br /> Adopted by the necessary two-thirds on a vote of: <br /> Yes No Abstain <br /> 149 1 2 <br /> 7:47 p.m. Douglas Lucente,Chair,Board of Selectmen,moved to take up Article 7.Motion <br /> Adopted.The Deputy Town Moderator declared the Meeting open under Article 7. <br /> 7:48 p.m. Presented by Edmund Grant,Town Meeting Member,Pct.6. <br /> ARTICLE 7:AMEND ZONING BYLAW AND MAP-186 BEDFORD STREET(Owner <br /> Petition) <br /> MOTION: That: <br /> (a)the Zoning By-laws,Chapter 135 of the Code of the Town of Lexington,and the Zoning Map of <br /> the Town of Lexington be amended by changing the district designation of the land identified as Map <br /> 64,Parcel 68 on the Assessor's Map,and described in a certain metes and bounds description and <br /> certain plans on file with the Planning Board and Town Clerk as part of a Preliminary Site <br /> Development and Use Plan dated June 6,2019,as revised on August 22,2019("PSDUP")from the <br /> current RS One Family Dwelling District to a Planned Development District-4("PD-4")as described <br /> in said PSDUP;and <br /> (b)the zoning regulations and dimensional standards identified in the"Proposed Motion"document <br /> which is the"PSDUP Zoning Text"provided as Tab 3 to the PSDUP as revised August 22,2019,and <br /> the"Regulatory Plans"attached thereto,shall apply to said District PD-4. <br /> q" b <br /> ggg <br /> V <br /> IUVJNNIOINUN@@IJOIaIDI01N0!Vlu.:. ,,! Zo% <br /> i <br /> ONa <br /> ,o <br /> f " o <br /> ,J1 r <br /> Figure 1:Existing Zoning <br /> w <br /> LU <br /> m <br /> Proposed im <br /> `" <br /> it, <br /> i <br /> r <br /> Figure 2:Proposed Zoning <br />