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CAPITAL EXPENDITURES COMMITTEE <br /> Members: 5-7 <br /> Appointed by: Town Moderator <br /> Length of Term: 3 years <br /> Appointments made: July 1 <br /> Meeting Times: Varies during the year <br /> Description: The Capital Expenditures Committee makes recommendations to Town Meeting concerning capital <br /> expenditures requests from Town boards and departments that may be required within the ensuing five-year period. <br /> The Committee considers the relative need,timing, and cost of these projects;the adequacy thereof;and the effect <br /> these expenditures might have on the financial position of the town. Prior to each annual Town Meeting,the <br /> Committee prepares,publishes, and distributes a report of its recommendations as to the projects to be undertaken <br /> within the 5-year period and the approximate dates when each should be started. <br /> Criteria for Membership: The Capital Expenditures Committee consists of five to seven voters. (Persons chosen <br /> are usually those with a demonstrated concern for capital improvement planning and budgeting. In addition, <br /> experience in finance or business,construction and computers is helpful on this committee.)Committee members <br /> may not be town officers or employees(other than Town Meeting members)nor may members serve on any other <br /> board,committee,or commission of the town or in any subcommittee appointed by any other town official,board, <br /> committee,or commission. Members may serve on special committees that may be created from time to time by <br /> vote of the Town Meeting when such vote expressly authorizes a member to serve. <br /> Ref: Lexington Code Chapter 29 §12-14&26 <br /> Selectmen designated as Special Municipal Employees on April 24, 1963. <br /> Selectmen reaffirmed designation as Special Municipal Employees on January 18,2006. <br /> Membership increase by STM Article 4,April 25, 2016. <br />