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APPROPRIATION COMMITTEE <br />Members: 9 <br />Appointed by: Town Moderator <br />Length of Term: 3 years <br />Appointments made: July 1 <br />Meeting Times: Varies during year <br />Description: This committee serves as the fiscal advisory body to Town Meeting and the Town and is specifically <br />charged with the duty of making recommendations on the prudent management of the financial affairs of the Town <br />of Lexington. Prior to each Annual Town Meeting the Appropriation Committee shall prepare, publish, and <br />distribute a review of the budget adopted by the Board of Selectmen to be considered at the Annual Town Meeting. <br />No motion carrying an expenditure or appropriation of money shall be acted upon by the Town Meeting, until the <br />Appropriation Committee has made a report thereon. Copies of this document are available at the Office of the <br />Town Clerk and at Cary Memorial Library and are distributed to each Town Meeting member together with advice <br />and recommendations concerning the various appropriations of the town funds and any other municipal matters <br />coming before such Town Meeting. <br />Criteria for Membership: Nine voters of sound business experience and/or good judgment. No member of the <br />Committee shall be a town officer or a town employee, other than Town Meeting member, nor shall he or she serve <br />on any other board, committee, or commission of the town or on any subcommittee appointed by any other town <br />official, board, committee or commission. Members may serve on special committees that may be created from <br />time to time by vote of the Town Meeting when such vote expressly authorizes a member to serve. <br />Ref.: Lexington Code Chapter 29 §7-21 <br />Selectmen designated as Special Municipal Employees on April 24, 1963. <br />Selectmen reaffirmed designation as Special Municipal Employees on January 18, 2006. <br />