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Members: <br />Liaisons: <br />AD HOC CREMATORY STUDY COMMITTEE <br />The Ad Hoc Crematory Study Committee will have seven (7) voting <br />members and (1) member from the Board of Selectmen who will act as a <br />non-voting Chairperson. Membership shall include: <br />• 4 - Town Meeting/Community Representative <br />• 1 -Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association member (LICA) <br />• 1 - Board of Health member <br />• 1 -Economic Development Advisory Committee Member <br />While not part of the Committee, the following committees are invited to <br />recommend a non-voting liaison: <br />• Capital Expenditures Committee <br />• Appropriation Committee <br />Staff Support: Director of Public Works will act as a liaison to this committee. <br />Appointed by: Board of Selectmen. <br />Length of Term: Upon completion of all recommendations to the Board of Selectmen in <br />accordance with the established deliverables schedule as outlined below. <br />Meeting Times: As determined by the Committee. A minimum of one meeting for the <br />purpose of soliciting public comment, shall be required. <br />Committee Goal: <br />To examine public health, public safety, public works, operational, <br />financial, and quality of life issues associated with locating a crematory at <br />Westview Cemetery and meeting the needs of deceased Lexington <br />residents and their families. To assess the following options and provide <br />the Selectmen with recommendations on: <br />1) Building a crematory adjacent to or connected to the proposed new <br />Westview Cemetery Building. <br />2) Building a crematory on another location on the Westview Cemetery <br />property. <br />3) Not building a crematory at this time. <br />