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BOARD OF SELECTMEN REGULATION <br /> UVE OF THE 11A TTLE GREEN <br /> Date Approved by BC S: Signature of Chair: <br /> November 19, 2018 Sze 5, <br /> The following rtes and regulations have been adopted in accordance with the Code of theTown <br /> of Lexington, Chapter 100-10, as amended. Any otherwise legal activities not explicitly <br /> prohibited by these regulations, including the gathering of groups on the Battle Green for the <br /> sole purpose of exploring its history and which do not remain for more than four hours, are <br /> allowed. If these regulations, or portions thereof, conflict with the Code, the Code shall take <br /> precedence. <br /> 1. Definitions <br /> a. "audio device" means any electronic or amplified radio, television set, computer, <br /> telephone, electronic music Inlayer, musical instrument, or other device that produces <br /> sound. <br /> b. "Battle Green Reenactment Organization" is a chartered group, dedicated to the <br /> reenactment of the events that occurred on the Battle Green on April 19, 1775,using <br /> historically accurate period appropriate weapons and costumes. <br /> c. "Compromised turf' shall mean any condition that would make the Battle Green <br /> vulnerable to excessive damage by heavy wear or use; for example, heavy rains, <br /> reseeding, and drought conditions. <br /> d. "Disorderly conduct" means any action intended to cause inconvenience, annoyance or <br /> alarm, or which recklessly creates a risk thereof; which includes, but is not necessarily <br /> limited to, fighting, threatening or violent behavior; unreasonable noise; abusive language <br /> directed toward any person present; wrestling in vicinity of others; throwing of breakable <br /> objects; malicious throwing of dangerous objects or stones; open fires, burning objects or <br /> spitting. <br /> e. "Powerless flight" means any device used to carr persons or objects through the air; for <br /> example, sailplanes, gliders, balloons, body kites, hang gliders. <br /> f. "Public use limit" means the maximum number of people or the amount, size, or type of <br /> equipment pennitted on the Battle Green at one time, as established by the Board of <br /> Selectmen. <br /> g "Responsible Party" is a person filing an application for a pen-nit for an activity on the <br /> Battle Green, who shall be responsible for compliance with these rules and regulations. <br /> h. "Special event" means demonstrating, picketing, speechmaking, marching, holding of <br /> vigils, and all other similar forms of conduct which involve the active communication or <br /> expression of opinions or grievances, engaged in by one or more persons, the conduct of <br /> which has the effect, intent, or propensity to draw a crowd of onlookers. <br /> 1 - <br />