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ARCHITECTURU SIGNIFICANCE (Describe important architectural features and <br /> evaluate in terms of other buildings within the community.) — <br /> This side-hall-plan Greek Revival cottage set with its gable end to the <br /> street in a neighborhood of many nineteenth-century workers cottages, still has <br /> many of its original finishes. On the exterior are the original clapboards, <br /> corner boards, frieze board, and doorway with sidelights; on the interior are <br /> many long-short four-panel Greek Revival doors, some with applied moldings; <br /> corner blocks in the door casings; wide floorboards; and a typical Greek Revival <br /> staircase with plain round balusters and a simple newel post with a turned shank <br /> and knob on either side of a square block. <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE (Explain the role owners played in local or state <br /> history and how the building relates to the development of the community.) <br /> TYtishouse is unusual in that its date of construction can be determined <br /> exactly: during a renovation in the 1960s a floorboard was discovered in the <br /> front bedroom on the underside of which was the date 1827, "Fox" (the name of <br /> the builder) , and 2042, the price of the contract, in Roman numerals. The board <br /> has been replaced face down nearest the south wall. This date makes this house <br /> the earliest of the Greek Revival workers cottages in the Woburn Street area, a <br /> fact confirmed by its appearance on the 1830 map. <br /> By 1852 this house was owned by Darius Fillebrown and in 1876 by a Mrs. <br /> Canfield whose husband died in 1872 and who lived in the house with her son <br /> William, a farmer. William Canfield died in 1903 and in the 1906 Directory Mrs. <br /> Canfield is no longer listed as living in the house although she is shown on the <br /> maps as the owner, so presumably the house was occupied by tenants. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES (name of publication, author, date and publisher) <br /> Hudson, Charles. History of the Town of Lexington, revised and continued to <br /> 1912 by the Lexington Historical Society, Volume II, pp. 91-92. Boston: <br /> Houghton Mifflin Company, 1913. <br /> Notes by Rebecca Shankland, former resident at 76 Woburn Street, in possession <br /> of the present owner of 76 Woburn Street. <br /> 1830 map <br /> 1852 map <br /> 1876 map <br /> 1889 map <br /> 1898 map <br /> 1906 map <br /> 1887 Directory 1899 Directory <br /> 1894 Directory 1906 Directory <br /> 10T1 - 7/82 <br />