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BUILDING FORM (37 Somerset Road) <br /> ARCHITECTURAL DESCRIPTION <br /> Describe architectural features. Evaluate the characteristics of the building in terms of other buildings within the <br /> community. <br /> An eclectic early 20th century residence, 37 Somerset Road is a two-story,three bay-wide, stuccoed building capped by a <br /> complex hip roof with exposed rafters and two hip dormers on the front roof slope. A wooden band wraps around the <br /> building between the first and second stories. Centered on the three-bay facade is a glass and panel door with iron grillwork <br /> over the window. The entrance is flanked by a pair of fluted pilasters, each of which is topped by a swag. Mounted on the <br /> segmental arched cap is an iron lamp suspended from an iron arch. To the east of the entrance is a three-sided bay window <br /> filled with multi-panes and capped by flared copper roof. On the other side of the doorway,the first floor is recessed slightly <br /> and contains an 8/1 window. Adjacent to the entrance is an urn set atop a stuccoed pedestal. <br /> The east elevation is spanned by a single-story, stuccoed, screened porch topped by corner urns. The porch is topped by a <br /> slightly smaller enclosure sheathed in vertical recessed panels. The west side of the house is fronted by a single-story <br /> sunporch capped by a paneled balustrade. <br /> The house is setback from the street and a brick walk leads to the front door. A driveway extends to the east of the house. <br /> Several large tree shades the front yard. <br /> The eclectic nature of this residence suggests that it may have been designed by Lexington architect Willard Brown although <br /> thiskould not be confirmed. <br /> HISTORICAL NARRATIVE <br /> Describe the history of the building. Explain its associations with local(or xft te) history. Include uses of the buil ing and <br /> the role(s) the owners/occupants played within the community. (\ JIE!G &0 ffie.vliarO 9� M rJC� <br /> This land was originally part of the 400-acre Francis B. Hayes estate which extended from Adams and ancock Streets to <br /> Woburn Street (the house known as Oakmount or The Castle was built in 1884 and demolished in 1941): This portion of the <br /> Hayes estate was laid out in houselots in 1909 with new lot numbers assigned in 1912. <br /> The earliest assessment found for this house indicates that in 1917 Adelaid Cody owned a house at 37 Somerset valued at <br /> $8,500 as well as a garage valued at$800. The property included 11,320 SF of land. Adelaid's husband, Joseph was <br /> employed as a salesman in Boston. Later owners included Raymond Bond in the 1930s and early 1940s and James and Hilda <br /> Seaver from about 1950 to 1980. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Lexington Assessors Records. <br /> Lexington Directories, various dates. <br /> Le�ington Valuation Lists, various dates. <br /> J Recommended for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. If checked,you must attached a completed <br /> National Register Criteria Statement form. <br />