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INVENTORY FORM CONTINUATION SHEET Community: Form No: <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL CCMU SSION Lexington 513 <br /> Office of the Secretary, Boston <br /> Property Name: <br /> Indicate each item on inventory form which is being continued below. <br /> HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE <br /> rail in dark mahogany. The upper landing is arranged with a <br /> triple archway supported by Corinthian columns, the steps leading <br /> through the central arch, which leaves space either side for seats. <br /> This artistic archway devides the front upper hall from that of <br /> the rear hall. Besides numerous chambers on this floor there is <br /> a bath, fitted with all open-work plumbing and a porcelain bath tub. <br /> The appointments are all first class and the rooms light, cheery <br /> and attractively decorated and papered, the front rooms being <br /> particularly desirable, with their open fire-places and graceful <br /> proportions. There are five good rooms on the third floor, besides <br /> a room devoted to a shower bath, etc. On the first floor there <br /> are four rooms in the main house, the two front ones being finished <br /> in white enamel paint, with handsome mantels somewhat after the <br /> pleasing simplicity of the Empire style. The two rear rooms have <br /> been finished to represent dark mahogany. Out of the dining room <br /> is a large china closet, or butler's pantry, and the kitchen arrange- <br /> ments are convenient and well appointed, the laundry being particularly <br /> so. A roomy pantry is contiguous to the kitchen and there is a <br /> rear hallway and staircase leading to the floors above. The linen <br /> press is located in a recess in the upper hall and so placed that it <br /> is attractive to the sight as well as useful. The house strikes one <br /> as a model of simplicity and tastefulness and as being exceptionally <br /> adapted to the uses it is meant to fill. <br /> (Lexington Minute Nan, Oct. 2, 1896) <br /> Staple to Inventory form at bottom <br />