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INVENTORY FORM B CONTINUATION SHEET LEXINGTON 11 DREW AVENUE <br /> MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Area(s) Form No. <br /> 220 MORRISSEY BOULEVARD,BOSTON,MASSACHUSETTS 02125 <br /> Recommended for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. <br /> If checked,you must attach a completed National Register Criteria Statement form. <br /> ARCHITECTURAL DESCRIPTION: <br /> Describe architectural features. Evaluate the characteristics of this building in terms of other buildings within the community. <br /> Set on a hill above the road, 11 Drew Avenue is a 1 %2-story, gambrel fronted structure which rests on a stone foundation and is <br /> clad in wood shingles. Half the fagade is taken by a three-sided bay window while the remainder is sheltered by a single-story, <br /> flat-roofed porch which shelters an offcenter entrance and an adjacent elevated, fixed Queen Anne-style window. The porch in <br /> supported by plain posts with a set of wooden steps that connect with a concrete flight of stairs leading down to street level. The <br /> remaining windows on the structure contain double-hung 1/1 replacement sash and are flanked by board shutters. <br /> HISTORICAL NARRATIVE <br /> Discuss the history of the building. Explain its associations with local(or state)history. Include uses of the building, and the role(s)the <br /> owners/occupants played within the community. <br /> Archival research suggests that this house was constructed about 1917. The land was originally lotted in 1909 as part of a <br /> subdivision known as Massachusetts Avenue Terrace, owned by Jacob W. Wilbur of Brookline. In July 1912 Wilbur sold the <br /> land on which the house sits (lots 61 and 62)to Martha J. Moore,wife of Albert(Book 3710, Page 333). The deed included <br /> several restrictions: that no house shall be built costing less than$800 and that no shanty,but or box be erected on the property <br /> without the permission of the grantor. According to the 1913 directory Albert Moore was then living on Cliffe Avenue; there is <br /> no listing for Moore in the 1915 directory. The first known listing for the property appears in the 1918 directory and indicates <br /> that Albert Moore, a carpenter by trade,was living on Drew Avenue in East Lexington. According to the 1920 Census,Albert <br /> Moore was then 56 years old and was born in Canada,immigrating to the US in 1884. His occupation is listed as house <br /> carpenter and he lived here with his wife Martha, daughter and son. In 1940 Albert and Martha Moore sold the property(lots <br /> 59-64)to Robert and Rachel Findlay. Mrs. Findlay continued to live here until 1968 when she sold to Richard Foley. The <br /> property has had at least six owners since that time. <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY and/or REFERENCES <br /> Middlesex South Registry of Deeds, Cambridge,MA <br /> Town directories <br /> U.S. Census,various years. <br /> Continuation sheet 1 <br />