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2-14-66 -2- <br />tary sewer from Waltham to serve this building. Mr. Greeley <br />objected to the use of the basement for separate office , <br />rental. Mr. Leatherbee and his associates were agreeable to <br />an arrangement by which no office space requiring visits by <br />customers would be permitted in the basement, solely storage <br />and services for the building and its occupants. <br />Atty. Stevens and Mr. Grindle presented to the Board <br />ROWLAND AVE. a revised plan of extension of Rowland Ave. to provide <br />access to the rear of Grindle and Tower properties, so Mr. <br />GRINDLE Grindle could establish a new lot fronting onto Rowland Ave. <br />extension. The plane were reviewed by the Board and it was <br />ruled that the extension should be laid out as a street all <br />the way to the end of A.T. & T. property and approved as a <br />subdivision, but that the construction may not be required <br />for the whole length. <br />Mr. Robert Whitman and the Board discussed the pro - <br />PLANNING posed contract for planning assistance by.the Mass. Dept. of <br />ASSISTANCE Commerce and Development using 2/3 federal funds. Upon a <br />motion duly made and seconded,.the Board <br />MASS. DEPT. OF <br />COM. & DEVEL. VOTED: to authorize the chairman to execute the contract <br />with the Massachusetts Dept. of Commeerce and Devel- <br />opment for planning assistance as voted under Art. <br />70 of the 1965 Annual Town Meeting. ' <br />The question of extent of Planning Board's clerical <br />assistance to citizens' study committees was discussed. <br />Mr. Leslie York met with the Board relative to the <br />ROBERTS & ROBERTS request by Roberts & Roberts for Board of Appeals Finding <br />and Determination for a multiple occupancy building on <br />FORBES RD. Forbes Rd. Mr. York presented architects floor plans in <br />addition to site and street plans previously transmitted <br />by the Board of Appeals. Plans were reviewed by the Board. <br />Mr. York next spoke of using 26 acres of the P.otbes <br />Rd. C 3 land for luxury type apartments in the $300 range <br />since the land is wet and ledgy and not well suited for <br />industrial buildings. The proposal was discussed by the <br />Board. <br />The Board voted to pay for postcards to Town Meet- <br />ing members to notify them of the February 28, 1966 public <br />hearing. <br />MINUTES Minutes of Planning Board meeting of January 31 were <br />read and approved as amended. <br />VOTE The Board voted to release all lots in HadleyRd. <br />HADLEY RD. (Estabrook Gardens) subdivision and accepted the suety for <br />the construction of Hadley Rd. <br />