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<br />PLANNING BOARD MINUTES <br />MEETING OF JANUARY 31, 2018 <br /> <br />A meeting of the Lexington Planning Board, held in the Selectmen’s Meeting Room was called to <br />order at 7:01 p.m. by Chair, Richard Canale with members Ginna Johnson, Charles Hornig, <br />Nancy Corcoran-Ronchetti, and Bob Creech, and planning staff Aaron Henry, David Kucharsky, <br />and Lori Kaufman present. <br /> <br />*******************************STAFF REPORTS******************************** <br />Upcoming Meetings & Anticipated Meetings: <br /> <br />The next meeting is February 14. <br /> <br />Comprehensive Plan Update: <br />The initial meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) was last night. Mr. <br />Henry gave a brief explanation of the elements that would be addressed by the comprehensive <br />plan. The overall timeline and process was presented and input on the RFP should be in to staff <br />by next week. Mr. Canale gave a summary of the first CPAC meeting. He noted that the meeting <br />was recorded by Lexmedia for online and cablecast viewing. He urged that all Planning Board <br />members and the public view this recorded meeting. The next several CPAC meetings will <br />present an important context from which the public will be more informed for the next Plan phase <br />in which public involvement will become an integral part of the Plan development. He urged that <br />residents and other stakeholders attend or view these future meetings. <br />*********************DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION************************ <br />18 Oakmont Circle - ANR: <br />The lot is on a private way and the road seems to be of adequate grade and construction and <br />appears not to need anything done to it since it was paved in 2008. Staff would like to confirm <br />ownership of the land. The Board requested adding a note on the plan indicating lot 4 cannot be <br />the site of a building and that title was not conveyed. Mr. Waitt said their research showed that <br />Ms. Marine does not own that lot. Staff will review and confirm the accuracy of this ANR before <br />signing. <br /> <br />On a motion of Mr. Hornig, seconded by Ms. Johnson, it was voted, 5-0, to authorize the <br />Planning Director to endorse the revised mylar on the behalf of Planning Board adding the note <br />that lot 4 is not a buildable lot. <br /> <br />