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LEXINGTON HOUSING AUTHORITY HEARING - November 21, 1974 LHA <br />' A regular meeting of the Board of Appeals was held on Thursday, November 21, <br />1974 in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town Office Building at 7:30 p.m. <br />Present were: Chairman, D. E. Nickerson; regular members L. Clarke, Jr. and W. <br />Brodhead; and associate members Natalie Riffin and Haskell Reed. Also present <br />were a Minute -Man reporter and a room full of townspeople. <br />The public hearing on the petition of Lexington Housing Authority was held, <br />notice having been mailed to the petitioner and to the owners of all property <br />deemed by the Board to be affected including the abutters and owners of land next <br />adjoining the land of the abutters as they appear on the most recent local tax <br />list and also advertised in the Lexington Minute -Man, a newspaper published in <br />Lexington, which is all as required by law. Also notified, as usual, were: the <br />Town Manager, Building Inspector, Planning Board, Town Engineer, Conservation <br />Commission and Board of Health. <br />The Chairman read the notice. <br />Lexington Housing Authority requests variances from the provisions of Section <br />27, and other applicable provisions of the zoning by-law, to allow for the construc- <br />tion of 3 single family dwellings on the lots numbered 314-315-316, 317-318-319 and <br />320-321-322 Wood Street. Each group of three lots consists of 9,000 sq. ft., more <br />or less, said dwellings being located within one foot of the existing front lot <br />lines on lots 320-321-322 and 317-318-319 Wood Street and within 8 feet of the <br />existing front lot line of lots numbered 314-315-316 Wood Street. These lots are <br />opposite Wildwood Road and shown on a certain plan of land entitled "Topographical <br />Plan of Land in Lexington, Mass.", dated October 9, 1974, Albert A. Miller -Wilbur <br />C. Nylander. The Lexington Housing Authority is in the process of acquiring the <br />said lots from the Town of Lexington. It is anticipated that the Town of Lexington <br />will convey additional land to the Lexington Housing Authority and that a 30' set- <br />back will exist following the acquisition of the additional land. <br />Mr. William J. Dailey, Jr., counsel for the Lexington Housing Authority, repre- <br />sented the petitioner and provided the plans, also pictures of the houses intended <br />to be located on two tax -title lots. (see folder for plans and pictures.) He stated <br />that this land was originally laid out in March 1910 and in 1930 the County Commis- <br />sioners relocated Wood Street leaving the intervening strip between the new and old <br />Wood Street, some of which the Lexington Housing Authority intends to acquire from <br />the Town of Lexington, reducing the requirement for setback variances. In addition <br />to the tax title lots, Mr. Dailey indicated that representatives of the LHA had met <br />with the Board of Selectmen and had discussed the possibility of the Town conveying <br />to LHA the land located between the tax title lots and the present layout of Wood <br />Street. He said that they have an agreement to move the house before a date certain. <br />The 1972 Town Meeting by Article 67 gave the Selectmen the authority to convey <br />tax title lots to the Housing Authority to allow them to be used for low and moder- <br />ate cost housing. It is anticipated that an Article will appear in the 1975 Town <br />Warrant requesting that the Board of Selectmen be authorized to convey to the Lex- <br />ington Housing Authority the interest of the Town of Lexington in the land located <br />between the present tax title lots and the present layout of Wood Street. <br />' The Lexington Housing Authority has purchased from the National Park Service <br />two single family dwellings located within the present confines of the Minute Man <br />National Park. It is the intention of the Lexington Housing Authority to move <br />