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BOARD OF APPEALS HEARINGS <br />October 24, 1974 <br />A regular meeting of the Lexington Board of Appeals was held on Thursday, <br />October 24, 1974 at 7:30 p.m. in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town Office <br />Building. Present were: Chairman,Donald E. Nickerson; Vice Chairman, George <br />Wadsworth; regular members Ruth Morey and Woodruff M. Brodhead; and associate <br />member, Natalie Riffin. As usual a Minute -Man reporter was present, the Chair- <br />man of the Planning Board, Eric T. Clarke, and a room full of townspeople. <br />Public hearings were held on the following petitions, notice having been <br />mailed to those who should legally receive them and to town boards and officials <br />who will or might be affected by decisions made and also advertised in the Lex- <br />ington Minute -Man newspaper. <br />Sun Valley Association - pursuant to Section 25.24, for approval to build 3 tennis <br />courts on the parcel of land at 14 Fairlawn Lane owned by Sun Valley Associates. <br />Auto Engineering, Inc., Kenneth J. Fullerton, President and Trustee of 436 Marrett <br />Road Trust - special permit pursuant to Section 30.3 to enlarge a rear portion of <br />the existing building (CG District) by adding a second story and also to build a <br />new two story addition to the existing building at 436 Marrett Road. (Section <br />25.53). This new addition will conform with the rear yard requirements. This <br />addition will be used exclusively for parts storage in the existing building and <br />will enable us to install three additional lifts for servicing automobiles. <br />Area Realty Trust, Edward H. Hinds, Trustee - special permit under the provisions <br />of Section 12.2, Special Permits of the zoning by-laws of the town in accordance <br />with a plan entitled "United States Postal Service, Northeast Region -Boston Area <br />Facilities Office, Site Study Plan I.M.C. Northwest Facility, Hayden Avenue, <br />Lexington, Mass." dated Sept. 25, 1974. Location of Property: northeasterly side <br />of Hayden Avenue running 617.34 ft. in a northeasterly direction from the intersec- <br />tion of Hardy's Brook and Hayden Avenue. The parcel contains 6.4672 acres. The <br />land is parcel 19 on a plan number 2802Z of the Middlesex Land Registration Office, <br />a copy of which is marked "B", attached to the petition and made a part hereof, <br />and on file in the Board of Appeals' office. The petitioner seeks a special permit <br />under the provisions of Section 25.23 of the Use Regulation Schedule of the zoning <br />by-law of the Town of Lexington to permit the erection of an Incoming Mail Center <br />(I.M.C.) to be owned and operated by the U. S. Postal Service providing mail service <br />to nine (9) postal offices including Lexington. Initially this building will be a <br />mail handling center to service 212 carrier routes. U. S. Postal Service vehicles <br />will be based at this facility. The land is in a CR -zone. The petitioner seeks as <br />a condition of the special permit that it be permitted to vary Section 27 Scedule <br />of Dimensional Controls of the Zoning By-law to provide a side yard of 50 ft. on <br />the northeasterly boundary of the property rather than the side yard of 100 ft. <br />required as a minimum yard adjacent to other district. <br />Spring Street Trust - finding and determination and special permits under Sections <br />130 25.41, 25.42 and 25.84 to construct an office building with employees' cafeteria <br />containing 25,300 sq. ft. of floor area plus a 19,940 sq. ft. covered parking area <br />and a 7,290 sq. ft. deck parking area on Lot 19 (Assessor's Plan 17) Hayden Avenue <br />in accordance with plans submitted. The petitioner also requests variances from <br />Sections 17 and 25 (Use Requirements) to construct the above described building <br />partly in an RO district; and from Section 27 (Schedule of Dimensional Controls) to <br />reduce dimensional requirements as follows: (1) minimum lot area from 5 acres to <br />1.87 acres, (2) frontage from 300 ft. to 294.58 ft., (3) front yard from 100 ft. to <br />40 ft., (4) rear yard from 50 ft. to 30 ft., (5) side yard adjacent to a district <br />