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BOARD OF APPEALS HEARINGS <br />' October 15, 1974 <br />A regular meeting of the Lexington Board of Appeals was held on Tuesday, <br />October 15, 1974 at 7:30 p.m. in Room G 15 of the Town Office Building. <br />Present were: Chairman Donald E. Nickerson, Vice Chairman George P. Wadsworth <br />and regular member Ruth Morey, also associates, Thomas G. Taylor and Robert <br />Cataldo. As usual a Minute -Man reporter was present, a member of the Conser- <br />vation Commission, and a room full of townspeople. <br />Public hearings were held on the following petitions, notice having been <br />mailed to those who should legally receive them and to town boards and offi- <br />cials who will or might be affected by decisions made and also advertised in <br />the Lexington Minute -Man newspaper. <br />Irving H. Mabee and Martha B. Mabee - to vary Section 27 to permit petitioners <br />to divide their lot numbered 5 Tavern Lane, which is in an RS -one family dwell- <br />ing district and has an area of about 99,400 square feet and a frontage of <br />190.41 feet on Tavern Lane, into two legal building lots to be designated A and <br />B, which will have less than the required 125 feet of frontage, as Lot A will <br />have an area of about 49,000 square feet and a frontage of 95.20 feet on Tav- <br />ern Lane and Lot B will have an area of 50,400 square feet and a frontage of <br />95.21 feet on Tavern Lane. <br />Kerrie Realty Trust, Theodore L. Freeman, Trustee - variance from Section 27 <br />to change the lot lines of Lot 10 (6 Pitcairn Place) and Lot 9 (7 Pitcairn <br />Place) to conform with drawing by Albert A. Miller and Wilbur C. Nylander, <br />Civil Engineers and Surveyors, dated September 11, 1974 which would leave <br />Lot 10 with a frontage of 175 ft. and Lot 9 with a frontage of 125 ft. The <br />overall square footage for each lot would not change; Lot 10 remaining 30,042 <br />sq. ft. and Lot 9 remaining 30,209 sq. ft. The above mentioned lots are part <br />of a subdivision known as Minuteman Ridge dated November 12, 1973. <br />Lexington Gardens, Inc. - special permit under subsection 12.2 and 24.5 to <br />continue to store and sell in conjunction with the operation of a nursery at <br />93 Hancock Street all of the supplementary items specified in the subsection <br />24.5. <br />Thomas R. Russell and Effie B. Russell - variance from the terms of the appli- <br />cable Lexington Zoning By-law requiring a fifteen foot minimum sideyard to <br />allow a continuation of the use of an existing dwelling at 10 Barrett Road, <br />having a sideyard on the easterly side of 12.4 feet instead of the required <br />15 ft. <br />Honeywell, Inc. - special permit under the applicable sections of the Zoning <br />By-law to allow for the alteration of the exterior of the existing building <br />at 3 Forbes Road as follows: <br />1. to permit the construction of a canopy over the front entrance, said <br />canopy to be approx. 22.0 ft. long and approx. 10.0 ft. wide, <br />2. to permit construction of a loading dock in front of the existing <br />loading door, said loading dock to be enclosed on one end and to <br />have an overall length of approx. 46.0 ft. and a maximum width of <br />approx. 14.0 feet. <br />Following the hearings the Board voted to go into executive session for <br />the purpose of discussing matters under litigation with Town Counsel, Norman <br />Cohen. <br />