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BOARD OF APPEALS <br />September 3, 1974 <br />On this date at 7:15 p.m. Chairman, Donald E. Nickerson; Vice Chairman, <br />George P. Wadsworth; regular members, Logan Clarke, Jr. and Ruth Morey; and <br />associate member, Robert Cataldo met in open public session in the Select- <br />men's Meeting Room of the Town Office Building to continue deliberations <br />RE: The Mammola Brothers Realty Trust Petition <br />for a restaurant on the property at <br />351-353 and 361-363 Massachusetts Avenue, <br />notice having been posted with the Town Clerk of Lexington. An audience of <br />people were present to listen to the deliberations. <br />The decision: Mammola Brothers (restaurant) denied. <br />The vote: (2 to 3) <br />In favor: R. Morey, D. E. Nickerson <br />In opposition: G. Wadsworth, L. Clarke and R. Cataldo <br />HEARINGS <br />The regularly scheduled hearings of the Lexington Board of Appeals <br />followed. Present were: Chairman Nickerson, Vice Chairman G. Wadsworth, <br />Ruth Morey, Woodruff M. Brodhead; and associate member Irving H. Mabee. <br />Also present but not voting was R. Cataldo. In attendance was a Minute -Man <br />reporter, LWV Observer and a room full of townspeople. <br />Public hearings were held on the following petitions, notice having been <br />mailed to those who should legally receive them and to town boards and offi- <br />cials who will or might be affected by decisions made and also advertised in <br />the Lexington Minute -Man newspaper. <br />Lexington Mews, Amalia G. Samoylenko, Associate, on behalf of Stephen Minasian <br />t/n Flicks Art Cinema, lessee - special permit to erect a standing sign at <br />10 Muzzey Street. <br />Kitchen & Kutchin, Inc. - (1) a variance from the area and dimensional re- <br />quirements of the zoning by-law of the Town of Lexington for that portion <br />of a 3.0514 acre parcel of land located at the northeasterly corner of <br />Hartwell Avenue and Hinchey Road in Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachu- <br />setts, which is located within the CH zone (part of said parcel being located <br />within the CM zone), the entire parcel being shown as Lot 3 on a plan entitled <br />"Plan of Land in Lexington, Mass." dated June 17, 1974, by Albert A. Miller <br />and Wilbur C. Nylander, Civil Engineers and Surveyors, and (2) for a site plan <br />review and approval of a special permit pursuant to Section 13 and related <br />subsections of the zoning by-law for the construction and operation of a <br />25,000 sq. ft. building on the 3.0514 acre parcel of land at the northeasterly <br />corner of Hartwell Avenue and Hinchey Road in Lexington, Middlesex County, <br />Massachusetts, all as shown on the site plan entitled, "Grading and Parking <br />Plan for Proposed Office Building in Lexington, Massachusetts," dated June 19, <br />1974, by Joseph W. Moore Company. The Board of Appeals is requested to make a <br />