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BOARD OF APPEALS HEARINGS <br />August 13, 1974 <br />A regular meeting of the Lexington Board of Appeals was held on Tuesday, <br />August 13, 1974 at 7:30 p.m. in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town Office <br />Building. Present were four regular members and one associate member as <br />follows: Chairman, Donald E. Nickerson; Vice Chairman, George P. Wadsworth; <br />regular members: Logan Clarke, Jr. and Ruth Morey; and associate member Robert <br />Cataldo. Also present were: a Minute -Man reporter, LWV Observer and a room <br />full of townspeople. <br />Public hearings were held on the following petitions, notice having been <br />mailed to those who should legally receive them and to town boards and offi- <br />cials who will or might be affected by decisions made and also advertised in <br />the Lexington Minute -Man newspaper. <br />Amory F. Muehlmann and K. Heinz Muehlmann - variance from Section 27 to build <br />an addition to an existing house at 59 Outlook Drive with a sideyard of 10 ft. <br />instead of the required 12 ft. according to plan submitted. <br />Nancy P. Altman - variance of Section 27 to maintain an existing dwelling at <br />10 Marshall Road which has a side yard of approximately 10 feet instead of the <br />required 15 feet and a setback of approximately 17.2 feet instead of the <br />required 30 feet. <br />Mammola Brothers Realty Trust - special permit pursuant to Section 25.67 and <br />other applicable provisions of the zoning by-law, for the use of the property <br />at 351-353 and 361-363 Massachusetts Avenue as an electrical office and air <br />conditioning showroom, and (2) a special permit pursuant to Section 25.69 <br />and other applicable provisions of the zoning by-law for the use of the prop- <br />erty at 351-353 and 361-363 Massachusetts Avenue as a restaurant. At the present <br />time there exists on the property known as 351-353 and 361-363 Massachusetts <br />Avenue, two two-family houses which will be demolished. <br />Lawrence Lucas, D.M.D. and Mary F. Lucas - pursuant to Section 12.3, a vari- <br />ance from Section 27 to subdivide Lot 3A (Lot 12B on Town of Lexington Asses- <br />sor's Map 41), 2.77 acres, into two lots, 3D and 3F. The present Lot 3A is <br />numbered 7 Bushnell Drive. Both lots will have access from Bushnell Drive. <br />Louis J. Cannizzo - special permit pursuant to Section 25.31 to construct a <br />commercial greenhouse (80 ft. x 25 ft. x 10 ft. 4 in. high) on the property <br />at 331 Concord Avenue. No retail sales will be made from this greenhouse. <br />No signs, advertising or special lighting is requested. <br />Following the hearings the Board made the following decisions, all in <br />public open meeting: <br />Muehlmann - granted unanimously. <br />' Altman - granted unanimously. <br />Mammola Bros. - (please see next page) <br />