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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />BOARD OF APPEALS HEARINGS <br />July 9, 1974 <br />A regular meeting of the Lexington Board of Appeals was held on Tuesday, <br />July 9, 1974 at 7.30 p.m. in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town Office <br />Building. Present were four regular members and one associate member as <br />follows: Chairman, Donald E. Nickerson; Vice Chairman, George P. Wadsworth; <br />regular members: Woodruff M. Brodhead and Ruth Morey; and associate member <br />Natalie Riffin. Also present were: a Minute -Man reporter, LWV Observer and <br />an audience of townspeople. <br />Public hearings were held on the following petitions, notice having been <br />mailed to those who should legally receive them and to town boards and offi- <br />cials who will or might be affected by decisions made and also advertised in <br />the Lexington Minute -Man newspaper. <br />Edward A. Starr and Nona S. Starr - pursuant to Section 12.3, for a variance <br />of Section 27, to maintain an existing dwelling at 18 Preston Road which has <br />a front yard on Preston Road of approximately 28.3 feet in depth instead of <br />the required 30 feet. <br />Grace F. Rowe and Rowe Chevrolet, Inc. - permission to erect a sign at 33 <br />Bedford Street. Said sign is to replace the existing sign. <br />Jeffrey Bromberg - pursuant to Section 12.2, for a special permit under Sec- <br />tion 25.69 to operate a restaurant at 1841 Massachusetts Avenue, in the <br />Giroux Building, Store #9. <br />The Lexington Historical Society - pursuant to Section 12.3, for a variance <br />from Section 27, so as to permit the Hancock -Clarke House, when moved across <br />the street to its original position at 36 Hancock Street, to have a minimum <br />front yard of 10 feet, which is less than the normal prescribed setback, but <br />in keeping with the location which it occupied for nearly 200 years. <br />Rodney W. Poling, D.V.M. - withdrawn by petitioner by letter: <br />Law Offices <br />RUSSIAN & BARTON <br />24 Muzzey Street <br />Lexington, Massachusetts 02173 <br />July 8, 1974 <br />Town of Lexington <br />Board of Appeals <br />Town Hall <br />Lexington, Massachusetts <br />RE: Petition of Rodney W. Poling <br />519 Lowell Street, Lexington <br />Gentlemen: <br />Because of circumstances beyond our control, we must withdraw the above - <br />indicated Petition from the public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, July 9. <br />I hope that your office is not inconvenienced; however, we have no choice <br />in the matter. Sincerely, <br />DPM/dm /s/ David P. Murphy <br />Notice of the withdrawal of this petition was filed with the Town Clerk on 7/8. <br />