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BOARD OF APPEALS <br />May 28, 1974 <br />The Board of Appeals met on Tuesday, May 28, 1974 at 7:30 p.m. in the <br />Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town Office Building in an attempt to com- <br />plete some unfinished business. <br />(1) To hear further evidence in regard to The 115 Kendall Corporation <br />(hearing date, May 7) and arrive at a decision, and <br />(2) To deliberate further the evidence presented at the hearing on <br />May 21 in regard to the Lexington Housing Realty Trust (Norman Ostroff). <br />Present were George C. Sheldon, acting chairman; regular member, <br />George P. Wadsworth; and associate members: Robert Gary, Robert Cataldo <br />and Haskell W. Reed. Also present were a Lexington Minute -man Publications <br />Reporter, a League of Women Voters Observer and an audience of townspeople. <br />Following the hearing and deliberation the Board made the following <br />decisions, all in open public meeting: <br />The 115 Kendall Corporation and Tektronix, Inc.- The Board voted to deny <br />the petition unless it is withdrawn. On May 30, 1974 a letter was received <br />withdrawing the petition. <br />Lexington Housing Realty Trust - Denied unanimously. Mr. Cataldo made the <br />motion to deny the petition. Mr. Reed seconded the motion. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />Evelyn F. Cole, Clerk <br />Board of Appeals <br />11 <br />