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1 <br />,BARD OF APP,j'ms ARINGS <br />April 2, 1974 <br />A regular meeting of the Lexington Board of Appeals was held on Tuesday, <br />April 2, 1974 at 7:30 P.M. in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of the Town Office <br />Building. Present were George Sheldon (Vice Chairman), chairing the meeting, <br />G. Wadsworth and W. Brodhead, both regular members, and associate members H. <br />Cataldo and H. Reed, as well as, a Minute -man Publications' reporter, a LWV's <br />observer and an audience of townspeople. <br />Public hearings were held on the following petitions, notice having been <br />mailed to those who should legally receive them and to town boards and officials <br />who will or might be affected by decisions made and also advertised in the <br />Lexington Minute -man newspaper. <br />Yu -Chi Ho and Sophia Ho - variance to build an addition to an existing house at <br />351 Emerson Road. The addition will leave a 13 ft. side yard instead of the <br />required 15 ft. <br />0. G. Isaacs - special permit under Section 25.94 of the zoning by-law to build <br />a temporary structure 21 ft. by 56 ft. and 18 ft. 6 in. high on the property at <br />18 Fair Oaks Drive. The structure is to be used for building a boat. The maxi- <br />mum anticipated length of time for its use is 4� years. <br />Ida G. Krebs for Krebs School Foundation Inc. - special permit under Section <br />25.21 to construct a new facility at 453 Concord Avenue to be used as a gymna- <br />sium and classroom facility, to accomodate the existing school population and <br />to increase it up to a maximum number of 132 students. The building will be <br />approximately 64' x 128' and one story high. The new facility will be consis- <br />tnat with the existing buildings and will better serve the need of Krebs School. <br />Robert S. Graves - variance from zoning by-law to allow for the temporary park- <br />ing of not more than ten motor vehicles on the rear of the property at 388 <br />Concord Avenue. This property is owned by Barbara J. and ';George W. Forten. <br />An area of 40' by 100' would be used for such variance. The area in question <br />is more than 400' from Concord Avenue and more than 250' from the nearest <br />property currently used solely for residential purposes. The area intended <br />for a variance is located adjacent to the Lexington Lodge of Elks parking <br />area. The vehicles and area could not be seen from any street or property <br />other than that owned by the Fortens and the Elks Lodge. A fence (6' high) <br />will be erected around the four thousand sq. ft. The vehicles to be parked <br />in proposed area will not be worked upon nor be dismantled for parts or repair. <br />They will be parked until arrangements can be made with owners or insurance <br />companies for their removal. This parking will be used in conjunction with <br />Bob's Towning Service of Lexington. The petitioner has a lease for the afore- <br />mentioned area from the owners. <br />Following the hearings the Board made the following decisions, all in <br />public open meeting: <br />Ho - Granted unanimously. <br />,Isaacs - Granted unanimously with certain conditions for 4� years. <br />ebs - Granted unanimously with certain conditions. <br />Graves - Granted, on a vote of 4 to 1, with certain conditions. George Wads- <br />worth voted in opposition. <br />All pertinent material is on file. The meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m. <br />PWAI,,L,x�04 Evelyn F. Cole,..,Clerk <br />