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The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) <br /> Appointed by: Planning Board <br /> Length of Term: Ad hoc (expected completion by spring 2020) <br /> Staff: Planning Office <br /> Liaisons: Board of Selectmen (2) <br /> Planning Board (2) <br /> School Committee(2) <br /> COMMITTEE CHARGE: <br /> The Lexington Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, a committee appointed by the Planning <br /> Board, has been formed to engage a broad spectrum of the Lexington community in developing a <br /> visionary plan for the future physical development of Lexington. This draft plan will be developed in <br /> concert with community stakeholders to meet the future needs of the community and will be <br /> recommended for adoption by the Lexington Planning Board per MGL Ch. 81D. <br /> The committee must conduct its meetings and communications according to the Open Meeting Law, <br /> MGL Ch. 30A. <br /> MEMBERS: <br /> The committee comprises (13) members drawn from a variety of Lexington's neighborhoods or voting <br /> precincts, reflecting the range of age, gender, and ethnicity of Lexington's population, ideally with <br /> relevant knowledge/experience in the planning elements or in public engagement methods. It is <br /> desirable and strategic for a number, but less than half, of Committee members to be Town Meeting <br /> Members. Members' terms will be three years, or until the Planning Board acts to adopt the <br /> Comprehensive Plan (expected in the spring of 2020). Non-voting Liaisons of the Board of Selectmen, <br /> Planning Board, and School Committee will be designated to relay those bodies' input and to report to <br /> those bodies on the work of the Committee. The Committee will work with consultant(s), landowners, <br /> residents, business owners, Town Officials and Town staff through an open,public, inclusive process to <br /> develop the plan for the Planning Board's consideration for adoption as the Town's planning policy <br /> under MGL Chapter 81D. <br /> Before serving as a member of this Committee, members are required to: <br /> 1. Acknowledge receipt of the Summary of the Conflict of Interest Statute. Further, to continue to <br /> serve on the Committee, the member must acknowledge receipt of the summary of the Conflict of <br /> Interest Statute annually. Said summary must be provided by and acknowledged by the Town <br /> Clerk. <br /> 2. Provide evidence to the Town Clerk that the appointee has completed the online training <br /> requirement required by the Conflict of Interest Statute. Further, to continue to serve on the <br /> Committee, the member must acknowledge every two years completion of the online training <br /> requirement. <br />