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<br />Town of Lexington <br />State Election <br />November 8, 2016 <br />Official Results <br />Pct 1Pct 2Pct 3Pct 4Pct 5Pct 6Pct 7Pct 8Pct 9TOTAL <br />Total Reg Voters21642637218525662640248424912372257422113 <br />Total Votes17992305177521642210211221082005211318591 <br />Percent (Total Votes/Total Voters)83%87%81%84%84%85%85%85%82%84% <br />PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDEN <br />T <br />CLINTON and KAINE13341823139316681571156015461482152313900 <br /> (DEMOCRATIC) <br />JOHNSON and WELD <br />766043677478707468610 <br />(LIBERTARIAN) <br />STEIN and BARAKA <br />253918253320212934244 <br /> (GREEN-RAINBOW) <br />TRUMP and PENCE <br />2983172803434713834153714013279 <br />(REPUBLICAN) <br />MCMULLIN and JOHNSON <br />0000000505 <br /> (UNENROLLED) <br />0000000000 <br />ALL OTHERS0000000000 <br />BLANKS666641616171564487553 <br />REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS <br /> FIFTH DISTICT <br />KATHERINE M. CLARK13411811138216671611155415891499158514039 <br />(DEMOCRATIC) <br />0000000000 <br />0000000000 <br />ALL OTHERS 0000000000 <br />BLANK4584943934975995585195065284552 <br />COUNCILLOR <br /> THIRD DISTICT <br />12401662124314551489139214771378145012786 <br />MARILYN M. PETITTO DEVANEY <br /> (DEMOCRATIC) <br />0000000000 <br />0000000000 <br />ALL OTHERS0000000000 <br />BLANK5596435327097217206316276635805 <br />SENATOR IN GENERAL COUR <br />T <br /> FOURTH MIDDLESEX DISTRICT <br />KENNETH J. DONNELLY1255169415201514144014868909 <br />(DEMOCRATIC) <br />0000000 <br />0000000 <br />ALL OTHERS0000000 <br />BLANK5446116446966726223789 <br />SENATOR IN GENERAL COUR <br />T <br /> THIRD MIDDLESEX DISTRICT <br />MICHAEL J. BARRETT <br />1336147815284342 <br /> (DEMOCRATIC) <br />0000 <br />0000 <br />ALL OTHERS4395275851551 <br />BLANK0000 <br />REPRESENTATIVE IN GENERAL COUR <br />T <br /> FIFTEENTH MIDDLESEX DISTRICT <br />JAY R. KAUFMAN <br />13291803135716671583156315991540157914020 <br />(DEMOCRATIC) <br />0000000000 <br />0000000000 <br />ALL OTHERS0000000000 <br />BLANKS4705024184976275495094655344571 <br />SHERIFF <br />MIDDLESEX COUNTY <br />PETER J. KOUTOUJIAN <br />12991706131515521555144415021433150113307 <br />(DEMOCRATIC) <br />0000000000 <br />0000000000 <br />ALL OTHERS0000000000 <br />BLANKS5005994606126556686065726125284 <br />11/23/2016 3:29 PMTOWN OF LEXINGTON <br /> <br />