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<br />OFFICIAL RESULTS <br />TOWN OF LEXINGTON <br />SPECIAL DEBT VOTE <br />MAY 3, 2016 <br />PCT 1PCT 2PCT 3PCT 4PCT 5PCT 6PCT 7PCT 8PCT 9TOTAL <br />20862518210724862579242723872315248021385 <br />TOTAL VOTERS <br />4877264107196046736236435885473 <br />Total Votes <br />23%29%19%29%23%28%26%28%24%26% <br />Percent <br />QUESTION 1 <br />Shall the Town of Lexington be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, <br />so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds issued in orde to pay costs of (i) conducting master <br />planning,design,renovation and additons to elementary and secondary school facilities, including the <br />acquisition and installation of modular classrooms, and (ii) undertaking additions, remodeling,reconstructing <br />and making extraordinary repairs to the Jonas Clarke and William Diamond Middle Schools, located <br />at 17 Stedman Road and 99 Hancock Street, respectively, including the payment of costs of <br />architectural and engineering services, original equipment and landscaping, paving and other site <br />improvements incidental or directly related to such additions, remodeling, reconstruction or repair? <br />PCT 1PCT 2PCT 3PCT 4PCT 5PCT 6PCT 7PCT 8PCT 9TOTAL <br />0410000005 <br />BLANKS <br />2734872634533324103744243173333 <br />YES <br />2142351462662722632492192712135 <br />NO <br />11:40 AM 5/5/2016 <br />