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<br /> <br />Select Board Meeting <br />March 21, 2022 <br /> <br />A remote participation meeting of the Lexington Select Board was called to order at 7:03 p.m. on <br />Monday, March 21, 2022 via a hybrid meeting. Ms. Hai, Chair; Mr. Lucente; Vice Chair, Mr. Pato, Mr. <br />Sandeen, and Ms. Barry were present, as well as Mr. Malloy, Town Manager; Ms. Axtell, Deputy Town <br />Manager; and Department Assistant, Stacey Prizio. <br /> <br />Ms. Hai stated that the meeting was being conducted via Zoom as posted, with the agenda on the Town’s <br />website noting that some members and staff were participating from the Select Board meeting room using <br />the Meeting Owl Pro device. Ms. Hai provided directions to members of the public watching or listening <br />via the Zoom application, regarding the procedure for making a public comment. <br /> <br /> <br />PUBLIC COMMENTS <br />None at this time. <br /> <br />SELECT BOARD MEMBER CONCERNS AND LIAISON REPORTS <br />1. Select Board Member Concerns and Liaison Reports <br /> <br />Ms. Barry noted that a Board member is needed to serve on the Cary Memorial Library Trustees <br />nominating committee. Ms. Hai asked volunteers to contact her or Ms. Prizio and that the Board will <br />hopefully take up nominating a member at the next meeting. <br /> <br />Ms. Barry noted that, as Lexington’s representative to the Commonwealth Special Commission for the <br />Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution, she is suggesting that the Town invite <br />some members from the Commission as guests to the Patriot’s Day events. <br /> <br />Mr. Pato stated that, in regard to the Police Station project being solar ready, the chair of Sustainable <br />Lexington has prepared annotations on the current architectural diagrams illustrating the idea of conduit <br />footings, both in the field for canopies and planning for conduits in the building, to show that this could <br />avoid having to come back and redo work afterwards when solar is installed. <br /> <br />Mr. Pato also noted that a member of the Historic Districts Commission has created a concept plan for <br />how to integrate solar canopies with a relocation of the Hosmer House on the property. This will be <br />presented at the Sustainable Lexington meeting Tuesday night. <br /> <br />In response to a question from Ms. Barry, Mr. Malloy explained that an RFP has been put out for the <br />th <br />Hosmer House, with a deadline of April 14. One resident has expressed interest in moving the house and <br />is working with the Zoning and Planning Departments. <br /> <br />st <br />Mr. Lucente noted that there will be a free community conversation on autism acceptance on March 31, <br />at 6:30pm at the Lexington High School Auditorium. <br /> <br />TOWN MANAGER REPORT <br />Mr. Malloy noted that the Attorney General’s opioid settlement has changed from 15% to 40%, to be <br />shared with local governments. The Town also received a grant of approximately $84,000 to purchase <br />two fast-charging EV chargers. The Town’s new Planning Director, Abby McCabe, started today. The <br />Police Department’s reaccreditation for a three-year period was officially approved. The golf course will <br />open this Friday. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />