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RECEIVED <br /> 022 18 F, Ib, 919 airy"i <br /> HISTORICAL COMMIS'S'ION TOWN CLERK <br /> LEXINGTON MA <br /> Members: 5 Full Members <br /> 3 Alternate Members <br /> Appointed by: Town Manager with Selectmen's approval <br /> Length of Term: 3 years <br /> Appointments made: April 1 <br /> Meeting Times: Monthly except during the summer <br /> Description: The Commission was established for the preservation and development of the historical and <br /> archeological assets of the town. The Commission maintains an inventory of buildings,areas,and sites of <br /> architectural and/or historical importance in Lexington.It collects reference information on architectural styles, <br /> preservation technology,and financial benefits for historic preservation. It is the starting point for those seeking <br /> National Register Nominations for their buildings or neighborhoods.It also submits opinions and recommendations <br /> to other town boards and committees on topics of architectural or historic concern. In addition,the Historical <br /> Commission administers the demolition by-law. <br /> Criteria for Membership:Professional qualifications in architecture,history or historical preservations with a <br /> sincere interest in the field and that a majority of the Commission shall be residents of the Town. <br /> Ref.: MGL Chapter 40 §8D <br /> Selectmen designated as Special Municipal Employees on January 9, 1984. <br /> Selectmen reaffirmed designation as Special Municipal Employees on January 18,2006. <br /> Selectmen voted to amend the Criteria for Membership on November 16,2015. <br /> Select Board voted to amend the Charge to provide for 3 Alternate Members on <br /> February 15,2022. <br />