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A position of honorary membership shall be given for life to individuals by unanimous <br /> committee vote for their extraordinary service to committee goals and to the community <br /> at large. <br /> Policies and <br /> Procedures: Meetings will be held bimonthly throughout the year, alternating with Friends of the <br /> Minuteman Bikeway and at a specific date, time and place announced in advance. All <br /> meetings will be open to the public. <br /> Minutes will be taken at each meeting. <br /> On its first meeting following the appointment process, the Committee will elect one of <br /> its members to serve as Chair for the following year. The Chair can be removed for <br /> cause at any time by a majority vote of members present in public meeting,providing a <br /> quorum of seven(7) Committee members are present. <br /> The Chair may appoint ad hoc subcommittees from the membership from time to time to <br /> study specific issues of concern to the Committee. Such ad hoc groups shall serve for <br /> periods not exceeding one year,unless formally extended, and their work will deal <br /> exclusively with the purpose announced when created. <br /> The Bicycle Advisory Committee Chair will appoint a high-school-aged student who <br /> resides in or attends school in Lexington to be a student liaison for a one year term to the <br /> committee. <br /> Reference: Original charge adopted by the Selectmen on October 21, 1992;revised November 1994. <br /> Charge revised November 2001. <br /> Board of Selectmen voted to designate as Special Municipal Employees on 1/18/06. <br /> Revised charge reflecting correction to membership and liaisons on October 6, 2014. <br /> Select Board revised charge on January 10, 2022 to reflect the addition of High-School- <br /> aged Student Liaison; and the change of Selectmen to Select Board <br />