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BICYCLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br /> The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC)is an advisory committee to the Select Board. It replaces the <br /> Minuteman Commuter Bikeway committee which was established in 1992 and has since been dissolved. <br /> The functions to be performed by the reorganized committee are listed below. These functions are to be <br /> performed consistent with the terms of the License Agreement of December 1987 between the Massachusetts Bay <br /> Transit Authority(MBIA) and the Town of Lexington. The agreement specifies, "Lexington agrees that it will <br /> use the line segment as `a Bikeway', a way established for the passage of bicycles and other conveyances which <br /> operate without motor power." <br /> Members: 9 <br /> Liaisons: Select Board, Conservation Commission,Planning Board and Recreation Committee, <br /> High-School-aged Student <br /> Appointed by: Select Board <br /> Length of Term: 3 years, staggered appointments <br /> Appointments Made: September 30 <br /> Description: The Committee shall advise the Select Board on all matters relating to bicycle routes and <br /> general bicycle policy to serve the best interests of the Town of Lexington and its citizens <br /> and those of neighboring communities affected by these facilities. These functions <br /> include but are not limited to: <br /> 1. Monitoring and advising on the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway and on other <br /> approved routes in Town with attention to such factors as safety, landscaping, <br /> drainage, signage, and other related factors. <br /> 2. Monitoring and advising on the operation, maintenance, and security of the <br /> Lexington bicycling facilities with the objective of encouraging their harmonious use <br /> and enjoyment by a variety of patrons,including all non-motorized users. <br /> 3. Working with Town officials, State agencies and representatives of nearby towns to <br /> develop connecting bikeways and bicycle routes, agreed upon rules of the road and <br /> consistent policies and procedures for the operation, maintenance and security of the <br /> Bikeway and other bicycle routes. <br /> 4. Collaborating with non-government groups and associations to encourage and <br /> coordinate participation in the care and maintenance of Lexington bicycle facilities, <br /> safety programs, and other educational efforts. <br /> 5. Working with Town committees and employees and with commercial interests to <br /> promote bicycling activities and amenities that will benefit Lexington and other <br /> communities. <br /> 6. Articulating and responding to the concerns and interests of abutters, commuters, and <br /> other users of the Lexington bicycling facilities. <br /> 7. Reviewing and advising on proposals for the extension of the Minuteman Commuter <br /> Bikeway and its linkage to bikeways in adjacent towns. <br /> Criteria for <br /> Membership: The citizens should be committed to the functioning of the Committee. Citizen members <br /> will serve for three-year terms on a staggered basis,with three to be appointed or <br /> reappointed each year at the end of September. <br />