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Town of Lexington <br /> Noise Advisory Committee(NAC) <br /> Minutes of Meeting September 2, 2021 <br /> A meeting of the Noise Advisory Committee ("NAC")was held via Zoom videoconference on Thursday <br /> September 2, 2021, at 7:00 PM.A quorum of three members was present. <br /> NAC Members Present: Dan Koretz (Chair),Vicki Blier, Nick Afshartous, Stewart Smith,April Wang <br /> Others Present: Mark Sandeen,Joe Campbell, Archana Dayalu (Sustainable Lexington), several members <br /> of the public,various Lexington Landscapers <br /> 1. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting <br /> The Committee reviewed the draft minutes from the NAC meeting held on July 7, 2021 as posted on <br /> Slack. <br /> Motion <br /> Vicki moved to approve the Minutes as presented and the Motion was seconded by Stewart. Following a <br /> roll-call vote,the Minutes from the July 7, 2021 Meeting were approved unanimously. <br /> 2. Introductory Remarks <br /> Dan introduced a series of slides he prepared summarizing the Committee's progress since the last <br /> meeting related to the proposed regulation of hours and seasonal GLB usage along with the pending <br /> decision regarding a GLB phase-out.The slides also summarized the input received from the public and <br /> other parties along with the out-reach completed by the Committee. <br /> Dan and Mark also noted that it was unclear whether the consideration of a revised Noise By-Law would <br /> take place during the Fall 2021 Town Meeting. <br /> Dan also confirmed that the current meeting was scheduled as an opportunity for landscapers and <br /> members of the public to comment and provide input on a proposed three (3)year phase-out of GLB <br /> usage in Lexington. <br /> This date was publicized to local landscapers earlier in the summer in response to a number of requests <br /> to provide time for landscapers to research and consider the issues related to the proposed phase-out. <br /> 3. Presentations and Comments by Landscapers and members of the Public <br />