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Town of Lexington <br /> Noise Advisory Committee (NAC) <br /> DRAFT Minutes of Meeting May 5, 2021 <br /> A meeting of the Noise Advisory Committee ("NAC") was held via Zoom <br /> videoconference on Tuesday May 5, 2021 at 7:00 PM. A quorum of four members <br /> was present. <br /> NAC Members Present: Dan Koretz (Chair), Vicki Blier, Nick Afshartous, Stewart <br /> Smith, April Wang <br /> Others Present: Mark Sandeen, local landscapers, other individuals. <br /> 1. Public Meeting with Landscapers — Introductory Remarks <br /> Stewart acted as moderator of the meeting which took place virtually on Zoom via <br /> the Town webinar meeting format currently utilized by the Town's Select Board. All <br /> participants were welcomed. Stewart announced that the meeting would be available on <br /> LexMedia. <br /> He outlined how the meeting would proceed and referred to the rules of conduct <br /> and decorum for all participants and noted that, initially, each participant would be <br /> allocated three minutes to speak regarding the draft bylaw which the committee has provided <br /> and are further invited to submit written comments. He advised that the meeting was scheduled <br /> for go for two hours. He then introduced Committee chair Dan Koretz to make opening remarks. <br /> Dan addressed landscaper complaints from the April 27 Landscaper meeting regarding a listing <br /> on the NAC page of the Town website of landscapers who employ electric equipment. <br /> Landscapers had expressed that the listing was essentially free advertising provided by the <br /> Town to a favored group, and therefor unfair. Dan noted the Committee appreciated the concern <br /> and that the Town Manager agreed with the complaint and the list has been taken down. <br /> Regarding the development of a new bylaw, Dan clarified that the Committee does not set <br /> policy, but rather gathers information and proposes solutions which the Select Board and, later, <br /> Town Meeting may accept, modify, or reject. He further clarified that the Open Meeting Law <br /> does not permit the Committee to meet privately with a group of landscapers. All discussion <br /> must be done in a publicly announced, open meeting attended by a quorum of Committee <br /> members, by written submission, or in individual conversations with a single committee <br /> member. <br /> Dan then listed some of the very wide variety of information sources pursued by the Committee <br /> for information and apologized for the Committee's failure to consult with landscapers. <br /> He acknowledged that due to seasonal pressures, landscapers are currently unable to <br /> sufficiently research electric equipment in order to give advice to the Committee. Therefore, the <br /> Committee has voted to divide the proposed bylaw into two parts. <br /> • The seasonal, day, and hour restrictions which do not require research will be developed <br /> for deliberation at the Fall, 2021 Town Meeting. <br /> • The bylaw covering equipment transition will be developed for the Annual (Spring) Town <br /> Meeting, 2022 in order to allow the Landscapers more time to gather information and <br /> provide comments to the Committee. <br /> Dan noted that the Committee is under pressure by Lexington residents to mitigate landscape <br /> maintenance noise. <br /> He then asked for specific comments from landscapers regarding the Seasonal, day and hours <br /> limitations and to address other concerns at a later date. <br />