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SPECIAL ACTS <br />Chapter 521 <br />THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS <br />In the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty-three <br />AN ACT ESTABLISHING A NONPROFIT HOUSING CORPORATION FOR THE TOWN OF <br />LEXINGTON. <br />Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the <br />authority of the same, as follows: <br />SECTION 1. There is hereby established a nonprofit housing corporation to be known as the <br />Lexington Housing Assistance Board, Inc. which shall be subject to the supervision of the board of <br />selectmen of the town of Lexington. Said board shall consist of not less than five members, who <br />shall be appointed by the board of selectmen for staggered three-year terms as designated by said <br />board of selectmen, such appointments to be made annually by said board of selectmen on or before <br />May thirty-first. Members shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. Continuing <br />members may act despite a vacancy or vacancies in said board and for this purpose be deemed to <br />constitute a full board. Any vacancy in said board, however occurring, may be filled by the board of <br />selectmen for the unexpired portion of the term. <br />Said board is hereby established and shall exercise its powers and perform its duties for the purpose <br />of investigating and implementing alternatives for the provision of and providing affordable housing <br />for persons of low, moderate and middle income, and others whose needs may be identified from <br />time to time, in the town of Lexington. The powers and duties of said board as set forth herein are <br />intended to be alternative and supplemental to, and not in limitation of, the powers and duties of the <br />Lexington Housing Authority established pursuant to chapter one hundred and twenty-one B of the <br />General Laws. The liability of said board and its members shall be limited to the same extent as the <br />liability of a public employer and public employees as provided in section two of chapter two <br />hundred and fifty-eight of the General Laws. <br />SECTION 2. Said board shall have the powers and privileges conferred by the provisions of <br />paragraphs (a) to (i), inclusive, and paragraph (k) of section nine of chapter one hundred and fifty- <br />six B of the General Laws, and the following powers, provided that no such power shall be exercised <br />either in a manner inconsistent with this act or any general or special law, or to carry on any activity <br />which is not in furtherance of the purposes set forth in this act: <br />(a) to adopt, amend and repeal by-laws for the regulation and conduct of its business <br />including but not limited to the call and conduct of its meetings, the number of members <br />which shall constitute a quorum and the mode of voting by proxy; <br />(b) to elect a chairman and vice-chairman, each of whom shall be members of said board, <br />and a secretary and a treasurer, who need not be members of said board, and who may <br />be the same person. The treasurer shall give bond for the faithful performance of his <br />duties in form and amount approved and fixed by the board of selectmen, the cost of <br />which bond shall be paid from funds of said board. The chairman and in his absence the <br />vice-chairman shall chair meetings of said board. The secretary shall be the custodian of <br />A201:41 10-01-2008 <br />