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Meeting under Article 11(h). Our efforts are having some success, with a <br />landowner currently before the Board for permits for what could be the first new <br />building on Hartwell Avenue in twenty years. <br />We also have our work cut out for us over the next year. <br />• At the urging of the Center Committee, the Economic Development Director and <br />the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board will study the effects of banks and <br />credit unions, and possibly other uses, on the vitality of the Center. Mr. Canale <br />will discuss this in more detail under Article 53. <br />• We intend to take a hard look at our current residential zoning, which may have <br />become a barrier to achieving our goals of proving diverse and affordable <br />housing. That process is likely to start shortly after Town Meeting with an effort <br />to identify community concerns. <br />• Looking a bit further to the fixture, the time has come to revisit the Town's <br />comprehensive plan, titled "The Lexington We Want ", which was adopted in <br />2003. This will be a major effort to try to understand the changes the last decade <br />has brought and how 'what we want' has changed. We expect to start by looking at <br />the Economic Development element, but the whole effort will extend over several <br />years and is dependent on funding. <br />I would like to thank Ginna Johnson, who stepped up from associate member to a full <br />board member, filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Gregory Zurlo. I also <br />thank Mr. Zurlo for his years of service on the Planning Board. We have a new Associate <br />Member, Michael Leon, whose help is much appreciated. Finally, I would like to express <br />my appreciation for the long hours and hard work put in by Board members Richard <br />Canale, Nancy Corcoran - Ronchetti, and Tim Dunn. With our very different backgrounds, <br />we each bring an individual perspective to our discussions that makes it possible for us to <br />represent the whole Town. <br />On a less happy note, Maryann McCall - Taylor, a part of our Planning staff for 15 years <br />and Planning Director for the last 10, will be retiring after this Town Meeting. For my <br />entire time serving on the Board, I have depended on her skill and professionalism to help <br />me and the rest of our volunteer board understand the planning issues and implications of <br />our work. We will miss her. The Town Manager has started the process of hiring a new <br />Planning Director, with the goal of filling the position by the end of June. <br />We continue to depend on our other Town staff: Assistant Planning Director Aaron <br />Henry; Planner David Kucharsky; and Clerk Lori Kaufman. They are the ones who <br />actually make things happen every day. <br />Thank you. <br />Charles Hornig, Chair <br />2015 -03 -25 <br />