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TOWN BULLETIN <br /> RE: Office of the Attorney General <br /> Approval of General Bylaw and Zoning By-Law Amendments of the <br /> 2014 March Annual Town Meeting & June 16, 2014 Special Town Meeting <br /> DATE: July 22, 2014 <br /> Notification has been received from the Office of the Attorney General regarding action taken on <br /> the approval of amendments to the General Bylaws and Zoning By-Law as voted at the 2014 <br /> March Annual Town Meeting and the June 16, 2014 Special Town Meeting. <br /> 2014 March Annual Town Meeting <br /> Zoning By-Law: <br /> Article 27—Amend Zoning By-Law—Allow For- Article 30—Amend Zoning By-Law Medical <br /> Profit Educational Uses in The Neighborhood Marij Lia Ila Treatment centers <br /> Business and Residential Districts Article 31 —Amend Zoning By-Law Site Plan <br /> Article 28­Amend Zoning By-LaNv—Allow For- Review For Projects Over 10,000 SF <br /> Profit Educational Uses in the Neighborhood Article 32—Amend Zoning By-Lmy-Technical <br /> Business District and Remove Size Limitation Corrections <br /> General Bylaw: <br /> Article 26—Amend General Bylaws—Wetland <br /> Protection <br /> 2014 June 16 Special Town Mectin <br /> Zoning By-Law: <br /> Article 2-Amend Zoning Bylaw-430 Concord Ave <br /> General Bylaw: <br /> Article 6—Amend General Bylaws—Contracts and Deeds <br /> Article 7 - Amend General Bylaws Regarding Reporting Period for Town Counsel's Annual Report <br /> In accordance with Ch. 40 §32 of the Massachusetts General Laws, these amendments are hereby <br /> posted in a public place in each precinct of the'rown for public inspection. <br /> Maps and documents pertaining to Zoning Articles may be viewed at the Planning Office and <br /> Town Clerk's Office. <br /> Claims of invalidity by reason of any defect in the procedure of adoption or amendment of <br /> Zoning Bylaws may only be made within ninety (lays of this posting. Copies of the Zoning <br /> Bylaw and Map may be examined and obtained at the Planning Department Office in thcTown <br /> Office Building, 1625 Massachusetts Avenue. <br /> Attest: <br /> Donna M. Hooper <br /> ToNvn Clerk <br />