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<br /> <br />Select Board Meeting <br />June 28, 2021 <br />A remote participation meeting of the Lexington Select Board was called to order at 7:01 PM. on <br />Monday, June 28, 2021 via Zoom remote meeting services. Select Board Chair Ms. Hai; Vice Chair Mr. <br />Lucente; and members Mr. Pato; Ms. Barry; and Mr. Sandeen were present, as well as Mr. Malloy, Town <br />Manager; Ms. Axtell, Deputy Town Manager; and Ms. Katzenback, Executive Clerk. <br />Ms. Hai stated that the meeting was being conducted via zoom as posted with the agenda on the Town’s <br />website, and members of the public may participate by clicking the link on the agenda . <br />Ms. Hai provided directions to members of the public, watching or listening via the Zoom application, <br />regarding the procedure for making a public comment. <br />Ms. Hai reminded Board members, staff, and members of the public about Lexington’s Standard of <br />Conduct regarding civil discourse during Town Government meetings. <br />TOWN MANAGER REPORT <br /> Mr. Malloy announced that there have been no new Covid-19 cases in Lexington in the past <br />week. 84.4% of Lexingtonians over the age of 12 have been full-vaccinated. <br /> Mr. Malloy reported that the lowest bid to construct the new Westview Cemetery building came <br />in 16% over budget. Mr. Malloy and DPW Director Mr. Pinsonneault will meet to discuss next <br />steps in light of this setback. <br /> Mr. Malloy noted that the Police department equity audit report, compiled by Carmen Ortiz of <br />Town Counsel’s office, includes 31 recommendations. At the July 12, 2021 Select Board <br />meeting, Mr. Malloy will provide a status update on how the department is progressing in <br />addressing the recommendations. <br /> Lexington’s MWRA Water assessment is approximately $40,000 lower than expected; the Sewer <br />assessment is about $55,000 lower. <br /> A Traffic Safety Officer has been named from within the ranks of current staff, as requested by <br />the Select Board. <br /> The new weather station at the Public Works facility will provide more accurate forecasting. <br /> 20-mile per hour speed limit signs will be posted in the Center by mid-week. Mr. Pinsonneault <br />said the change is already being announced via two sign boards. Interim Chief McLean said there <br />would be a couple of weeks of educational enforcement, during which time traffic personnel will <br />make stops as necessary to inform motorists of the change to a lower speed limit. The reduced <br />speed area is on Mass Ave, from somewhat further east of Woburn Street to somewhat further <br />west of the Minuteman statue on the Green. A map of the area is available on the Town website. <br />Mr. Pinsonneault reported that the Garrity town pool has been closed temporarily because a pump part is <br />needed. He noted that if the recently finished renovations had not occurred, three pools instead of only <br />one would now be closed since before the renovations the pools had shared a single pumping system. Ms. <br />Hai asked Mr. Malloy to keep the Select Board informed on the pool’s status. Mr. Malloy agreed to do so <br />and added that the Public Information Officer would disseminate information re: the pool’s status via the <br />Town website and other relevant messaging platforms. <br /> <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br /> <br />